12/5/2023 Quo Connection Review by Kev White

Quo Connection are all ex-John Coghlan's Quo, (Coghlan being the original Status Quo drummer). JCQ disbanded in September last year and Coghlan has given his blessing for his former band mates Mick Hughes, Rick Chase, Pete Mace and Russ Chadd to carry on as a tribute band.

Quo Connection don't try and look like Quo but are note perfect, they have the sound of the Frantic Four era of the band spot on. There are some wonderful nods to Quo on stage, the use of Telecasters and an Gibson SG similar to the one the late Rick Parfitt used when recording some of the band's greatest albums of the 70s and of course the legendary Marshall Stacks as part of the backdrop which Quo often referred to as the Wall of Deaf or Deaf Row!

Quo Connection really clicked with the audience and the crowd really got into the spirit of the night with chants of 'QUOOOOOO', it actually felt like a classic Status Quo show from when the band were at the height of their powers and were one of the most successful groups in the country in album sales and were a huge box office draw when on tour in the 70s.

The band kicked off the show with 'Down The Dustpipe'. The set majored on the 70s with a couple of songs from the very early 80s, essentially covering John Coghlan's tenure with Status Quo, so whilst there were some notable omissions from the set list, there were still plenty of hits, this band is more for the die-hard Quo fans. The standout tracks were 'Spinning Wheel Blues', 'Is There A Better Way?', 'Paper Pane', 'Roll Over Lay Down', 'In My Chair', 'Big Fat Mamma', 'April, Spring, Summer and Wednesdays' and main set closer 'Mystery Song'.

The fans cheered for an encore and the band obliged with 'Caroline' and the brilliant 'Don't Waste My Time'.

There are plenty of Status Quo tribute bands in the UK but Quo Connection are easily one of the best, a great night indeed!