2/12/2022 Aynsley Lister Review by Kev White

Blues/Rock guitarist Aynsley Lister, one of the most respected and acclaimed musicians in his genre played Derby as part of his current tour in support of his new album, 'Along For The Ride', which is arguably a career best.

In the gig room the audience were murmuring excitedly about what they were about to witness and waxing lyrical about the stunning new record. As the lights went down Lister and his band took to the stage and launched straight into 'All Of Your Love' followed by a great version of 'Home'.

The set list tonight selected from across Lister's 25 year career and a healthy dose of tracks from 'Along For The Ride' an album that he is clearly very proud of and was very humble as he spoke about the origins of the songs from the new release as he introduced them. The heckles from audience members were very witty responses, at one point, especially when Lister after stretching his arms and hands onstage let slip an unintended innuendo.

An early-career highlight and clear fan favourite 'Soundman' was played early on in the set and got a enthusiastic reception from the crowd. But it was the live takes on tracks from the new record that this writer had come to see 'Eve Part 1', 'Cast A Light', 'Made Up My Mind' and 'No One Else But You' were outstanding.

Towards the end of the set Lister played his cover of the classic Prince track 'Purple Rain', the original is one of those songs that is so good as it is just so good as it is that it should be left alone. That said, his take on the song is stunning, talk about the hairs rising on the back of your neck. He has managed to make an already great song even better!

Lister has a reputation as a hardworking and great live performer which is well deserved as the gig tonight proved, he really is a master of his art.

A fantastic night was had by all.