15/9/2017 La Villa Strangiato Review and Photo by Barry Martin

It was all aboard the Rush rollercoaster as Rome-based L.V.S. took us on a breath-taking, pulsating ride of the Canadian Kings of Prog Rock's five decades of musical diversity. No wigs, no lookalikeys for the Roman rockers, it was all about the music of the Toronto power trio who have been challenging and delighting the Prog scene since '69.

Like all great 'coasters, the gig had its amazing highs and its 'get your breath back and chill'-ish moments b4 the next thrill and boy, did the lads do the ultimate Italian Job on the Flowerpot faithful! Yes, we had the instrumental, almost jam-like pieces where fans could chat n comment , but we also had the seat of your pants, sense-battering yet super-stimulating Rush classics like Oy !-fest 2112 in its entirety(!), Red Barchetta, Tom Sawyer and a rock-out, room transformed into a giant moshpit of mayhem, Spirit of Radio finale. The ultimate Rush rush.

Fabrizio 'Abito' Santoro as Alex (Zivojinovich) Lifeson on lead guitar gave a flying-fingered, 100 per cent performance and nailed all the iconic Rush riffery whilst seemingly having the time of his life as he interacted with his fellow guitar guy.

Gabriele 'Bibbi' Ferrari, as you would expect with a name like that , was high performance,top of the range class as one man (rock)-band Geddy (Gary Lee Weinrib) Lee on bass,keys n pedals all while delivering those tricky, shrilly helium-unique G.L. vocals. Bravissimo, Bibbi.

Carlo Fattorini, on percusssion, with what was the largest drum kit ever seen at the 'Pot was simply superb as Neil Elllwood Peart. And that mid-set solo, Carlo! Perfetto,Signor !

If the originals ever finally hang up their orgasmatrons, this awesome threesome Romano could most definitely make the move from Prog. rock pretender princes to take on the throne.

Boys - grazie, no-mille grazie,...actually milione grazie. It was that good !

FretKing meravigliosissimo !!