25/2/2016 Inglorious Review by Liz Aiken

Having seen Inglorious twice before; once opening Planet Rockstock 2015 and then opening for The Winery Dogs in Bristol, I was looking forward to when they had control of their own destiny as the headliners at The Flowerpot Derby. The venue was heaving RAWpromo were delighted the show was a sell-out so the atmosphere was hot and steamy everyone was ready able and willing they wanted to be entertained.

Before the anticipated Inglorious we were royally entertained once again by Ali Clinton Band with his new line-up. Ali Clinton Band is a young band with a great following. A power trio that kicks the riffs straight into your musical heart. Ali's guitar work always is spot-on with his deft fingers playing the fret board. The chords are profound as they curl around the lyrics. Tonight we heard a selection of self-penned numbers from his current E.P. and his single, The Lie, and his Les Paul has a special tone. With Will on bass and Owen on drums the future is rhythmically bright for this young guitar slinger. The link between Inglorious and Ali Clinton was the power of rock and a shared stage with Uli Jon Roth.

Inglorious came to The Flowerpot and conquered Derby. For many it was the first time hearing the band live. The majority that I spoke to were overjoyed and just wanted to get to the next Inglorious event. Having received lots of airplay on Planet Rock and been described by Paul Anthony as "The future of British rock and roll".

Inglorious is a six-piece, and at its centre up front with a voice that travels and is made for Arena Rock is Nathan James. He has surrounded himself with musicians that are hungry for the big time and they want to climb the ladder not one step at a time but in giant leaps. Their self-titled debut album is receiving rave reviews from across the rock media. Tonight's set was the live re-working of the album Inglorious with tracks in a different order giving the crowds a rocking good time. This is a band that has rehearsed the moves the licks and riffs when Nathan clicks his fingers or flashes his warm smile. It shows every number is polished and gleaming. The band is tight they play to please and Inglorious do. It was a tight fit on the stage, cramping their moves but not the music. The set was short despite three mighty covers, Russ Ballard's I Surrender; re-working of Toto's Girl Goodbye that is becoming a staple of the set and Deep Purple's Lay Down, Stay Down. No-one was laying or staying down as the beat drove through the venue.

There is no doubt that live the stand out numbers from the album live are Inglorious; Until I Die a high powered opening number tonight and Holy Water. The addition of keys gives a band another layer of rock chords. The band needs to give the keys more scope to interweave with the two guitars. A new band creating a storm with potential to go far and plenty of scope to build on with the quality musicians that are Inglorious.

As one of the growing phalanx of fans commented on Facebook following the show was "I like his bum wiggle and jazz hands. I'm not complaining. All part of the Performance. He can wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. With that voice he's allowed to wiggle."

I was disappointed that the set wasn't longer. Inglorious may want the large stage but at times when developing a fan base smaller venues get you to the hardcore music fans. They need to adapt and stretch out the set with demanding and interesting lead breaks; and some more covers to stretch out the set or better still some new numbers of their own. Though leaving the fans wanting more is a tactic that will work if they have lots of new material the next time they play in the East Midlands.

Inglorious have built for themselves a solid base of fans and material now they need to show they can really deliver a headlining set that is inspiring and rocks up a whirlwind of a musical storm. As they pick up their first award – Planet Rock's – The Rocks 2016 Best New Band.