9/10/2014 Miles Hunt & Erica Nockalls Review by Kevin White

Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls played an acoustic show featuring songs recorded by themselves as well as some choice Wonder Stuff songs.

Miles did a solo spot playing a couple of tracks and read.

Opening with Through The Tears and the wonderful Fill Her Up and Foot Down about their old local pub, Right Side Of The Turf, a song about an old pub local who coined that phrase and Miles decided to use it. Mission Drive, The Cake, Plans In The Sky was written for a benefit gig that Miles and Erica once played and to this day they have no idea whether the building in question was saved.

A stunning version of Welcome To The Cheap Seats was introduced with the story of how the late, great Kirsty McCall came to sing on the record. This song also started a run of classic Wonder Stuff songs including Who Wants To Be The Disco King, Ruby Horse, Those Words Are Not My Own, Here Comes Everyone which were fitted around Miles Hunt reading a very funny excerpt from his new book The Wonder Stuff Diaries 1986 - 89. The duo returned to the stage for an encore with Cartoon Boyfriend, Stick It In Your Eyes and ended the evening with It's Your Money I'm After Baby.

Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls are masters of their craft with stunning guitar playing and Erica's haunting violin. I admire musicians who go out and play acoustic shows on their own, Hunt and Nockalls really make it work.

A hugely entertaining evening with some funny and at times poignant anecdotes. Miles and Erica know how to entertain a crowd.