22/10/2011 ELO Experience Review by Mick Moonshine

What a brilliant night. This is what I’m talking about when I say ‘tribute band’. 3 or 4 things have to come into play to have a night as good as this, the band has got to be 110% no room for any mistakes, The promoters who bring in top bands like these guys week after week, what I mean is if you see Raw Promotions on the posters then you know it gonna be top notch, and then after a great night, just turn around and look at the sound engineer he’s the guy that puts the icing on the cake.

The ‘Pot’ filled up nicely around 9pm and its a crowd that remembers all the tunes that ELO put out a few years ago, so tonight it’s a relaxed atmosphere until the band appear on stage... Whoop’s and shouts and cheers that’s how it was throughout 2 x 45 minute sets, with the orchestra thing, the band have got to have a full sound to get it anywhere near right and these guys were spot on...

Steve Hemsley on keyboards is the musical director of the band and it doesn’t get any better than Steve, pity he was tucked away at the back. Andy Louis Lead vocals, is a Jeff Lynne sound alike and a really good rhythm guitarist. Pete Smith Bass guitar and one half of the engine room also backing vocals second to none. Tony Lawson Drums completes the engine room and a great drummer. Jan Christiansen great lead guitar and harmonies completes the line up. 24 tracks of ELO, the band gave you a quick trip down memory lane, close your eyes and you’d have thought you were hearing the real thing. Confusion, Turn to Stone, Don’t bring me down, Last train to London the list is endless. For me this was a night that ticked all the right boxes,

Encore Mr Blue Sky what a great reception these guy’s got and deservedly so. Great band, good beer and great night out.