7/3/2008 Dirty DC Review & Photo by Barry Martin

An eardrum-exploding, brickwork-cracking, rock riffathon of seismic proportions rating 11 out of 10 on the Richter scale. Rock at its loudest. Rock at its ballsy, basic best.

Ian Gillan look-a-likey Tony Savage on bass, Paul Sticca on rhythm guitar and Gary Hitchens on drums provided the granite-rocked backdrop for this fab five’s virtuosi double act.

Vocalist Chris Hill as the hyperactive, back-arching, cap-tweaking, twitchy Geordie Brian Johnson was superb, raucously screeching out some of the most ‘ingrained in your brain’ lyrics in the annals of rock history.

But Pride (Park) of place must go to Simon Davies as the duck-stepping, demonic schoolboy Angus (the right honourable riff-meister) Young. Hastings’ number one son Simon was Angus. Period. Pouring sweat from his first power chord, Simon pushed his signature red ‘61 Gibson re-issue to its absolute limits, wowing the baying crowd with his incredible flying-fingered dexterity.

Two and a half hours of Acca Dacca at the very height of their powers.

Which tracks did they play?? They did ‘em all !

We started out on a highway to hell and finished up in rock heaven!