04/05/2007 Really Hot Chili Peppers Review by Barry Martin

Packing more energy than a Duracell factory, the Really Hots put on a fantastic tribute to the crazy Californian funk-punk rap rockers. Baseball-hatted sticksman Dean Herbert (as Chad Smith) flailed away all night keeping the kaleidoscopic R.H.C.P. sound super-tight and together.

Mop-headed lead guitarist and Jack Osbourne look-alikey Lynden Edwards took on the cheeky clown prince of funk-rock role, entertaining the crowd constantly with such stunts as a touch of tongue-riffing, Hendrix impressions and impromptu beer glass slide guitar solos. This on top of some amazingly nonchalant flying-fingered fret-work, as he ripped off riff after great riff with what seemed effortless ease.

Human tattoo Dave Clark on bass slapped and fingered it superbly all night long (as Michael "Flea" Balzary) punctuating the set with some stunning instrumental improvisations with Edwards and Herbert.

But master of ceremonies was the band's new vocalist Alastair "Al" Jamieson, to all intents and purposes a clone of the charismatic, hyperactive Anthony Kiedis. Power-bounding and pirouette-spinning manically from note one, Jamieson sang and strutted his heart and soul out, whilst orchestrating the famed Flowerpot shout/singalongs.

Californication, Zephyr Song, my personal favourites Aeroplane and The Other Side plus the three encores By The Way, Under The Bridge and a molten, Jalapenean Give It Away to finish were only slightly more exceptional than the rest of this night-long experience.