ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the severe weather and floods in Derby we have had to take the decision to postpone the Specials Ltd gig due to take place at The Flowerpot, Derby tonight... The new date for the gig is Friday 1st March 2024 and of course all tickets are valid for the new date.

Derby is the only place in the whole country currently with severe 'danger to life' flood warnings in place. Nearly all of the routes in to the city are either closed or compromised. We apologise for having to make this decision at such late notice but for the safety of our customers and the band who are travelling from "sunny" Wales we feel it is the correct decision.


ANNOUNCEMENT: The Stipe gig which was scheduled to take place at The Flowerpot, Derby on Saturday 23rd September 2023 has been re-scheduled at the band's request to Friday 15th March 2024.

The band's lead singer has been called into hospital at short notice for an operation for an ongoing condition. Stipe apologise for any inconvenience and disappointment; fans and friends of the band will know that we don't do this lightly.

Original tickets will be valid for the new date. If you bought your ticket online you will automatically receive an email regarding this and also offering a refund if you require one....


ANNOUNCEMENT: The RAW Promo autumn season of gigs is almost upon us and what a line up we have!!! One major change this autumn is that we've decided to change the start time for the headline act. Since we started 27 years ago, the headline band have started at 9.30. Well from this September we have decided that the start time will come forward by half an hour to 9pm. This will mean (although not always) an earlier finish time to enable people to make use of earlier buses home etc. Don't worry the bar will still be open until 12.30 at the weekends....


ANNOUNCEMENT: The Straighten Out gig which was scheduled to take place at The Flowerpot, Derby on Friday 10th June 2022 has been re-scheduled at the band's request to Saturday 21st January 2023.

The bands lead singer has suffered a severe Achilles tendon tear and is out of action for 8-10 weeks. Tickets will be valid for the new date. If you bought your ticket online you will automatically receive an email regarding this and also offering a refund if you require one....


ANNOUNCEMENT: The AC/DC UK gig which was scheduled to take place at The Flowerpot, Derby on Monday 27th December 2021 has been re-scheduled at the band's request to Friday 22nd April 2022.

AC/DC UK informed us yesterday (Thursday 23rd Dec) that due to issues in the band relating to Covid 19, they are unable to play the scheduled gig at the Flowerpot, Derby on Monday 27th December 2021. As a result of this we have re-scheduled the date to Friday 22nd April 2022. Tickets will be valid for the new date. If you bought your ticket online you will automatically receive an email regarding this and also offering a refund if you require one....


ANNOUNCEMENT: The Los Pacaminos gig which was scheduled to take place at The Flowerpot, Derby on Friday 13th November 2021 has been re-scheduled at the band's request to Friday 25th February 2022. This is not a Covid issue but a request from the band. All tickets for the November show will be valid for the re-scheduled date next February 2022...


**THE BLOCKHEADS have cancelled all future live gigs due to ongoing health issues with key members of the band**

The Blockheads gig at The Flowerpot, Derby which was due to take place on Thursday 16th December 2021 has been cancelled following a press release from the band stating that due to deteriorating and ongoing health issues affecting key band members, exacerbated by the current crisis, it is no longer possible for the band to continue LIVE work.
Everybody who bought a ticket ONLINE will automatically get a refund for tickets bought for the gig. If you bought the ticket by post or from the Flowerpot, please send the ticket(s) to us at RAW Promotions, PO Box 5718, Derby DE21 2YU. Along with the tickets we need your account number, account name, Bank Sort Code number. We will then issue a full refund by bank transfer...

Here is the Blockheads announcement in full...

Regretfully we have to announce that, due to deteriorating and ongoing health issues affecting key band members, exacerbated by the current crisis, it is no longer possible for the band to continue LIVE work at the intensity and regularity they have been for the past 45 years.
Following medical advice we have instructed our agents and promotors that we have no option but to cancel all shows for the foreseeable future.
Until such times as these pervading problems can be addressed and resolved we cannot now consider taking the risk of exposing vulnerable BLOCKHEAD immune systems to the rigours and stresses of 'the road'.
You, our fans, have been loyal, supportive and magnificent throughout not only the glory days with Ian but also, more importantly, in the years following his death in March 2000. Your help, encouragement and dedication to Blockhead identity by regularly attending shows and purchasing our merchandise has enabled the band to continue to write, record and perform as a unique and independent entity for 20 years.
There will remain a truly special place in our hearts for all Honorary Blockhead Members whose continuous support, from the memberships' inception to the present day, has been exceptional and inspiring and, without doubt, nurtured the band through difficult times.
We have all travelled the decades together. You have watched us, and we have seen you, grow from young and glamorous to older and wiser. By exposing and introducing our music and lyrics to consecutive generations you have established a place for us as influencers in the musical history of the U.K. For this we will be forever grateful, both personally and professionally.
BLOCKHEADS LTD, the company under which The Blockheads band has traded since 2001, has been reliant on the revenue generated by regular live appearances for its existence. In light of these unfolding circumstances this is no longer tenable and in order to preserve the integrity of the company, during this hiatus, our immediate future sustainability will now rely on subscription based platforms like PATREON ( where we can deliver to you performances and rarities from our archive and links, chats and invites to all Blockhead associated projects. The band intend to continue to explore ways to play live and reach out to fans by using the technology available and sourcing a dedicated venue/venues from which to operate in a more established setting.
Going forward, treatments and recoveries permitting, the band intend to make themselves available for appearances at selected events in 2022. A less hectic and more achievable goal under present circumstances.
Thank you for all your messages of concern and support Mick Gallagher … for The Blockheads



Advance tickets for all the upcoming shows at the Flowerpot, Derby are now available to buy at the Flowerpot. These are CASH only and are available to buy from the bar...


**Well the PM announcement last night suggests that we are still on track to proceed with our live music as advertised in the gig room at the Flowerpot, Derby from Friday 3rd September**

There is still a way to go, and we've still not reached the 19th July date yet but at the moment it looks as though our first RAW Promo gig since March 14th 2020 will be the amazing U2UK. Tickets are still not available to buy at The Flowerpot. We are hoping advance tickets will be available to buy from the venue before the end of July. Tickets are available online by clicking HERE. There is still a lot of water to go under the bridge but there may be a glint of light at the end of the tunnel. Let's keep live music LIVE...


**New date for Fleetwood Bac at The Rescue Rooms Nottingham**

Due to the on-going restrictions for live music due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Fleetwood Bac gig at the Rescue Rooms Nottingham which was due to take place on Thursday 8th July has been re-scheduled to Tuesday 21st December 2021. Tickets bought already (including for the original date of 9th May 2020) are valid for this new date. Tickets are also available to buy online by clicking HERE


**Happy New Year!!**

Well that's 2020 pretty much done and dusted so first off Lisa and myself would like to wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year. Fair to say it didn't turn out to be the year we had planned only 12 months ago but we are able to look forward to 2021 with renewed optimism. Looking forward to meeting up with everybody again, sampling some great beer and of course watching some great LIVE music. We'll be back promoting live music at The Flowerpot and other great venues as soon as we are allowed and it is safe to do so. Until then stay safe, look after one another and raise a glass or two to 2021... It's gonna be a blast xx


**Just thought I would update everybody regarding RAW Promo/Good 2 Gig concerts and our autumn season of gigs at the Flowerpot, Derby.**

As I'm sure you'll be aware, the government enthusiastically announced that live music performances will legally be allowed to take place at indoor venues across the UK from August 1st. In a statement the UK Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden (Who??) said: "The UK's performing arts sector is renowned across the world and I am pleased that we are making real progress in getting its doors reopened to the public with social distancing. From August indoor theatres, music venues and performance spaces will safely welcome audiences back across the country. This is a welcome step in the path to a return to normal and, coupled with our £1.57 billion rescue package, will help secure the future of this important sector."
Of course the reality at the moment is not quite as straight forward. In fact the announcement is clumsy to say the least for a number of reasons. Firstly I would guess there is not one grass roots music venue that can open from August 1st given all the social distancing regulations and all the other government guidelines that have been put in place. The simple fact is that for everybody to be safe we first have to beat this virus in to submission so we can safely ease social distancing. Without this it is almost impossible to safely run live gigs indoors and also make it financially viable for everybody involved (which is a lot of people!). I do stress the safety aspect because although it's difficult not being able to continue putting on gigs as we did less than 12 months ago, there is no point kidding yourself it can be done at this present moment without an element of risk. The only answer is to be patient and re-introduce live gigs when promoters, musicians and the public know it is safe to do so. Hopefully this will be soon but the Government should NOT announce that live music indoors can start safely when it so evidently and by there own statistics is not.
My other point is that there will need to be a period of time in between announcing gigs can proceed and the first gig back. We need to sell tickets etc, advertise the gigs, employ all the talented people needed to make the gigs work. It all takes time and of course needs funding. Every government announcement appears to be a little heavy handed and unrealistic when it comes to our precious music industry.
We will continue to re-schedule our gigs for as long as it takes. All sales will be valid for the new dates. It's not easy, we miss the music and inter action but hopefully we can all beat this virus and we can get back to normality.
Hope everybody is staying safe. Myself and Lisa miss all you good people who support live music. We also miss the bands, talented musicians, everybody at the Flowerpot and other venues we are promoting at. We miss Sid who has been our loyal sound engineer for the last 23 years. But we WILL be back. Just be patient and stay safe...


**Our Statement on Coronavirus (Covid-19) affected gigs, postponements, cancellations, refunds etc**

As I'm sure you are aware, all the pubs, clubs and venues in the UK had to close last Friday night. This of course included the Flowerpot, Derby which is our main venue for our live music gigs. We had planned to use the venue as a place for people to not only buy future tickets but also to get refunds for cancelled gigs. Refunds would also be given for tickets bought at the Flowerpot for gigs which have been re scheduled to a later date only for the ticket holder not to able to attend. Now with all the pending "lockdown" rumours and people being urged to stay at home we feel there is only one solution at the moment where we can issue refunds.
Firstly can I ask people who have bought a ticket for a gig that is re scheduled to consider whether they can make the new date and hang on to their ticket which will be valid. This not only cuts down on all the logistics of refunds but it also keeps morale high for promoters, venues and of course the bands knowing that there will be an audience for them at the future date. Where the gig has been cancelled and no alternative date has been set then of course a refund will be issued. If you bought your ticket online you should automatically get an email from the online sales company offering the refund or alternatively to hang on to the ticket for the new date.
So without a location to bring the tickets for a refund, we are asking you to post the tickets to RAW Promotions, PO Box 5718, Derby DE21 2YU. We will need your account holders name, account number and bank sort code with the tickets so we can a issue a refund by bank transfer directly in to your account. Also an email address or phone number so that we can notify you when payment has been made. This given the present circumstances seems to be the only way to ensure refunds are issued quickly and efficiently to all those who request them.
We will update the website,, as soon as gigs are cancelled or postponed. We will also let you know of the new dates as they are confirmed. Again we ask for a little patience with this as it is an on-going situation and nobody really knows when it is going to ease up or get back to any normality.
Hopefully that helps clear up the situation regarding refunds. it's normally a simple solution but at the moment nothing is straight forward.
Keep safe everybody... Alan & Lisa x


**Our Statement on Coronavirus (Covid-19)**

Following on from the government announcement on Monday night and the current situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, I'd like to clarify where we currently stand with the up-coming RAW Promo gigs at the Flowerpot. The situation at present is very difficult for a lot of businesses and in our line of work, extremely difficult for venues, artistes and promoters. So if it seems like information is a little slow coming out, it's because we all have to make decisions based on facts and guidance which sometimes takes time for us to analyse and act upon. Of course the main concern is the health of all our colleagues, friends and family, fellow promoters and musicians and of course everybody who has supported live music over the years. We have therefore postponed the RAW Promo & Good 2 Gig events at the Flowerpot up to and including Friday 3rd April. By this time I would expect there to be an update from the government as to the state of the situation and hopefully some guidance as to what to do next. Please also be aware that at present, The Flowerpot is still open and the free entry gigs in the bar area on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday afternoon will still be taking place. The statement from the PM did not include mass closure of pubs, venues etc which has caused a lot of confusion. Without a mass closure pubs are left with the difficult decision as to whether they should stay open or not. Staying open though until a further statement from the government giving more clarity enables them to keep staff employed etc. The level of care and cleanliness at the Flowerpot at present is second to none with constant cleaning of surfaces, bars etc. using hospital grade cleaning products.
Also our Smyths gig at The Venue this Friday has now been postponed until Thursday 25th June. These are all difficult decisions we have had to make but we feel the right ones as well.
With regard to refunds, new dates etc... If you bought a ticket for a gig that's been postponed from one of our online companies, you will be receiving an email with the new date and an option for a refund if you so wish. If you bought a ticket from the Flowerpot, refunds are available from the pub. Obviously all the tickets for the original dates are valid for the new date which will all be announced in due course via the website and social media.
We'll try our best to keep everybody informed of our future gigs and their status via our website and on social media. We also want to pass on our best wishes and that you all stay healthy and safe until the current situation makes a turn very much for the better. We'll do our best to keep music live in Derby...
Alan & Lisa x


NEW DATE FOR THE BILLY WALTON BAND... The new date for the postponed Billy Walton Band date at the Flowerpot, Derby is Thursday 17th September. All tickets from the Thursday 19th March 2020 date will be valid for the September show.


ANNOUNCEMENT: The Billy Walton Band gig which was scheduled to take place at The Flowerpot, Derby this Thursday 19th March has been Postponed. We are actively trying to confirm a date when they return to the UK in September. This will hopefully be announced later on today so watch this space. Tickets will be valid for the new date. Refunds will also be available from the place of purchase. At this stage all of our other gigs at the Flowerpot and The Smyths gig at the Venue this Friday are scheduled to take place as advertised. It is however a fast moving situation and we will of course be following guidelines set out by the government. We will inform you of any further news via our website, and our facebook pages if anything changes.


Tonight's gig at The Flowerpot is scheduled to go ahead as planned. The band are close to arrival and the Flowerpot itself is not affected by the floods. We do however stress that the situation near the Council House looks serious and the closure of some city centre roads by the River Derwent have led to traffic congestion in the Friday rush hour. We are hoping the congestion starts to lift as the Friday works traffic starts to ease. Please give yourself plenty of time to get to the gig. We will be open as close to 8pm as possible with the band going on at 9.30pm as planned. If anything changes in the meantime we will keep you posted.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, Too Rex have had to cancel all their remaining 2019 gigs which includes the gig at the Flowerpot, Derby on Saturday 28th December. The band will be back in 2020 but as no date is confirmed at this time, refunds will be issued to all those who have bought a ticket. If you bought it online your account will be credited by the online ticket agent. Otherwise take your ticket to the place of purchase for a refund. A replacement band for the 28th December is currently being sorted and will be announced very soon. Here is the statement from Too Rex in full:

Due to unforeseen circumstances it is with regret that TooRex have had to cancel all of our remaining 2019 shows. We apologise for any disappointment this will cause, but we look forward to seeing you all in 2020. There will be no further comment at this time.


The Dan Baird gig at the Flowerpot, Derby on Friday 21st June 2019 has had to be postponed due to Dan's wife having major surgery. The full statement from the band is below. The new date for the show is SUNDAY 15th SEPTEMBER 2019.
All tickets bought for the June date are valid for September. Refunds if required are from the place of purchase. Tickets are now on sale for the 15th September date as well.

Due to an emergency family situation - Dan's wife Laurie needing urgent surgery - Homemade Sin will be rescheduling the following shows:
11th June, KB, Malmö now 7th December
13th June, Bannermans, Edinburgh now 8th December
14th June, The Tivoli, Buckley now 8th May 2020
15th June, Masonic Hall, Alva now 9th May 2020
20th June, The Face Bar, Reading now 5th December
21st June, The Flowerpot, Derby now 15th September

All existing tickets remain valid for the new shows, if you can't make the new dates, refunds are available. As anyone who knows the band will already know, we do not cancel or reschedule shows unless absolutely necessary. We realise that a lot of you will have already made travel arrangements and can only apologise for the short notice. If there was another way, we'd have taken it. All previously announced remaining shows are unaffected. Thank you all for your understanding and continued support, it means a great deal. The band will make every effort to make it up to you on the rescheduled shows


The Limehouse Lizzy gig at the Flowerpot scheduled for Sat 7.12.19 has been moved to Sat 23rd May 2020. This is at the band's own request. All ticket agents and websites have now been updated with the new date.


JD Simo has cancelled his upcoming UK Tour. As a result of this, his gig at the Flowerpot, Derby on 13th April 2019 will not be taking place. Refunds are available from point of purchase. If you bought a ticket online you will automatically be reimbursed. JD Simo will hopefully be re-arranging his UK tour in 2020.


John Otway will be without the Big Band this Friday 15th March when he performs at the Flowerpot, Derby. Adam the drummer has recently had a rather unfortunate accident, suffering a broken clavicle and seven fractures of four ribs. He will however have guitarist Murray Torkildsen as special guest along with regular stage hand "Deadly". Here is John's official statement...

"Unfortunately my drummer Adam from the band has had a skiing accident. He has broken a lot of ribs and his collar bone in several places. I have been informed by those who understand these typed of injuries that they are not best bones to break if you are a drummer, especially if you are John Otway's drummer. Therefore the Flowerpot, Derby on 15th March will be a solo show.
Not that solo as it's featuring not just me - but Deadly the Roadie and, to give the evening some band flavour, Murray Torkildsen will be the special guest. As he's there, I'm intending to work out a couple of numbers that are not usually in my solo show (as I haven't learnt the chords) to do with Murray (as he knows the chords to everything.
Looking forward to it hope to see you there."


Nick Heyward plays the Flowerpot, Derby on Thursday 11th April 2019. Support on the night is from "Butterfly".
This is a rare chance to see Nick on tour in an intimate atmospheric gig environment. As such, the capacity for this gig is only 120 tickets with half seated (first come first serve basis) and the rest standing. We are down to the last 12 tickets. These are all available to buy from SEE Tickets. The link is HERE. When these are gone they are ALL gone...


Stage Times for Sari Schorr 22.9.18
Doors are 8pm, James Manners 8.45pm, Sari Schorr 9.35pm....


The New Flowerpot Booklet is out and online as of now. Pick up the new colour booklet from the Flowerpot and selected outlets. You can check out the online booklet by clicking HERE....


Stage Times for Hayseed Dixie 19.7.18
Doors are 8pm, John Wheeler & Pete Robbins 8.30pm, Hayseed Dixie 9.30pm....


After today, Wednesday 25th April, tickets for Mentallica, Glory Days, Green Date and Connie Lush at the Flowerpot, Derby will be available to buy in advance from the Flowerpot only
They will also be available to buy on the door (subject to availability). Online sales for these 4 gigs will come off sale mid-afternoon today


Stage Times for The Quireboys 27.1.18
Doors are 8pm, The Gloria Story 8.30pm, The Quireboys 9.30pm....


The Steve Forbert gig at the Flowerpot, Derby on Thursday 12th April 2018 has been cancelled due to ill health. A statement from his management...
"All US and European dates are officially cancelled until we have further news. Steve continues his chemo and hydration which leaves him in the clinic most days for up to 6 hours. All his tests look good and he will be completely re-evaluated the end of March. Then the road to complete recovery will begin."


Alan Nimmo will be the special guest of the Stevie Nimmo Trio at the Flowerpot on Sat 14th October
Unfortunately Stevie Nimmo has broken his arm in a cycling accident over the weekend. This has obviously put him out of guitar playing duties and we of course wish him a speedy recovery. His vocals aren't affected so Stevie has a very special guest playing guitar at the Flowerpot, Derby gig... Alan Nimmo. This is very much a STEVIE NIMMO TRIO plus special guest ALAN NIMMO set up, and only a temporary measure until Stevie is ready to play guitar again. However an exciting gig in prospect and one not to miss. Also the support on the night will be the fantastic Trevor Babajack Steger. Tickets for the show are going to be in HIGH demand. They are available at the Flowerpot (Cash Only) and online HERE ....
Here is Stevie's Official Announcement in full. "Rather than cancel my upcoming tour, I've decided to get someone in to take over guitar duties - not just anyone, of course, but the only person on the planet who could step in at such short notice and do the job to the highest standard. And it just so happens that this person is having some time off to rest his voice. Have you put 2 and 2 together yet? Yes, my ever loyal wee brother Alan Nimmo will be making all the noise for you on this tour and I shall be strictly on vocal duties. What an ironic twist of fate, eh?"


The New Flowerpot Booklet is out and online as of now. Pick up the new colour booklet from the Flowerpot and selected outlets. You can check out the online booklet by clicking HERE....


Stage Times for Dan Baird 23.6.17
Doors are 8pm, Bad Touch 8.45pm, Dan Baird 9.30pm....


The "Special Kinda Madness" gig due to take place at the Flowerpot, Derby on Saturday 30th September has just been cancelled by the band.
They have just decided after the Pot date was confirmed in January this year that they are going to play a gig in London instead. They didn't even bother to let us know directly so due to this we have decided not to re-schedule the gig as we can't guarantee they will honour the new date. Refunds are available from the place of purchase. All online purchases will be automatically refunded. A replacement gig will be confirmed and announced in due course....


The Four Fighters gig due to take place 30.6.17 has been cancelled
Refunds are available from the place of purchase. All online transactions will automatcally be refunded....


Stage Times for Laurence Jones 28.4.17
Doors are 8pm, Troy Redfern Band 8.45pm, Laurence Jones 9.45pm....


Stage Times for Danny Bryant 7.4.17
Doors are 8pm, Tom Walker Trio 8.45pm, Danny Bryant 9.35pm....


We are down to the last 16 tickets to see the Doors Alive at the Flowerpot, Derby this Saturday night 8.4.17
10 are on sale at the Flowerpot (Cash Only). 6 are on sale at SEE Tickets: LINK. When these have gone they are ALL gone... Don't miss out!!...


Stage Times for Stan Webb 11.2.17
Doors are 8pm, Crooked Lords 8.45pm, Stan Webb 9.35pm....


Stage Times for Blair Dunlop 9.2.17
Doors are 8pm, Kitty McFarlane 8.45pm, Blair Dunlop 9.30pm....


Stage Times for Live Dead 69 2.2.17
Doors are 8pm, Liz Lenten 8.30pm, Live Dead 69 9.30pm....


Stage Times for Joey Landreth 31.1.17
Doors are 8pm, Jim Kirkpatrick 8.30pm, Joey Landreth 9.30pm....


Stage Times for Popa Chubby 24.1.17
Doors are 8pm, Ben Miles 8.45pm, Popa Chubby 9.40pm....


Stage Times for The Rattlers 28.12.16
Doors are 8pm, Kev Andrews 8.45pm, The Rattlers 9.40pm....


Stage Times for Men They Couldn't Hang 11.11.16
Doors are 8pm, Martin Black 8.45pm, TMTCH 9.40pm....


Stage Times for Badfinger 14.10.16
Doors are 8pm, Kafkadiva 8.45pm, Badfinger 9.40pm....


Stage Times for The Rutles 6.10.16
Doors are 8pm, The Rutles 1st set 9.00pm, The Rutles 2nd set 10.00pm....


The New Flowerpot Booklet is out and online as of now. You can check out the online booklet by clicking HERE....


The Fillers date at the Flowerpot 1.10.16 has moved
The Fillers gig at the Flowerpot, Derby on Saturday 1st Oct has moved to 18th November. Tickets already bought for the 1st Oct will of course be valid for the new date. If you require a refund please go to the place of purchase. You will be automatically notified by email if you bought the ticket online. Hopefully though you will be able to make the date in November. It's a perfectly genuine reason that The Fillers had to move as it involves The Killers AND America. Sure they will let you all know about it in November...


Sinnerboy at the Flowerpot 25.6.16
Tickets are available from the Flowerpot and on the door for this gig. Online outlets have been taken off sale early this week due to Festival....


Oye Santana at the Flowerpot 10.6.16
Tickets are available from the Flowerpot and on the door for this gig. Online outlets have been taken off sale early this week due to holidays....


Stage Times for Blair Dunlop 26.05.16
Doors are 7pm, Stone Broken 7.45pm, Inglorious 8.50pm, Curfew 10pm....


Stage Times for Blair Dunlop 26.05.16
Doors are 8pm, Jessica Rhodes 8.20pm, Jack Carty 9.00pm, Blair Dunlop 9.40pm....


Ohasis have released a statement prior to their sell out gig at the Flowerpot, Derby this Friday 27.5.16

"We've been inundated with requests for our gig next Friday at The Flowerpot, as a thank you to all who have made the gig a sell out (again) and to the lovely promoters at RAW Promo...we're changing the habit of a lifetime and are actually doing these requests! These will be added on to the set...meaning that none of the much loved hits you expect to hear are taken out! We would very much advise everyone to be at The Flowerpot by 9 o'clock on Friday 27th May (that's our stage time) so that you don't miss a beat! Peace and love from Ohasis and we very much look forward to seeing you all next week. Live Forever X" .....


Stage Times for Pure Purple & Cult Fiction 06.05.16
Doors are 8pm, Cult Fiction 8.45pm, Pure Purple on stage at 10.00pm....


Stage Times for Romeo's Daughter 28.04.16
Doors are 8pm, Lost Weekend 8.30pm, Romeo's Daughter on stage at 9.30pm....


The Clone Roses gig at the Rescue Rooms due to take place tonight 16.4.16 has been postponed until Friday May 6th due to serious family health issues for one of the band members. All tickets bought for tonight's show are valid for the new date. If you require a refund, please contact the place of purchase. The full statement from the band reads....



The Micky Moody Band gig due to take place at the Flowerpot, Derby on Friday 8th April has been cancelled due to his album release being delayed. The show will hopefully be re-scheduled in the autumn when the album and new touring schedule have been confirmed. Refunds are available from the place of purchase and online purchases will automatically be refunded.....


Stage Times for Russ Ballard 12.03.16
Doors are 8pm, Kev Andrews 8.45pm, Russ Ballard on stage at 9.35pm....


The Inglorious/Ali Clinton gig at the Flowerpot this Thursday 25.2.16 has SOLD OUT. Admission is by ticket only....


Stage Times for Andy Fairweather Low 11.2.16
**Early Start** Doors are 8pm, Andy Fairweather Low on stage at 9.00pm (No Support)....


Stage Times for Chantel McGregor 17.12.15
**Early Start** Doors are 8pm, Jack Hutchinson 8.30pm, Chantel on stage at 9.15pm....


Stage Times for Martyn Joseph 3.12.15
**Early Start** Doors are 8pm, Martyn Joseph on stage at 8.30pm....


Stage Times for Samantha Fish + Laurence Jones 12.11.15. **Early Start** Doors are 8pm, First Band on stage at 8.45pm....


Pat Travers has cancelled all dates on his UK Tour this November which included a date at the Flowerpot on Sat 21st November. A full statement from the band said:
With much regret, after trying to make financial sense of our UK Tour budget plan that was too tight to allow for any unforeseen calamities to begin with, The Pat Travers Band will need to postpone their trip until a later date in order to put together a more solid, profitable tour plan.
The UK tour was first proposed to us back in April. Initial quotes for transportation, stage gear rental and tour personnel, at that time were much lower than what is being asked for now. The official Exchange Rate from Sterling to US dollars is a more favorable number than the actual Buy/Sell rate. Which is a more Real World number. The conversion rate was not factored correctly. Between these two factors alone we now have an 18% loss in revenue. This has derailed our tour plan that was barely at break even to begin with. We are very disappointed that it won't be possible to make the November UK Tour happen at this time.
We will let you know when we have the rescheduled dates. Thank you for your support and understanding,
Pat Travers The Pat Travers Band October 2015
Refunds can be obtained from the place of purchase. Online purchases will automatically be refunded. An alternative gig will be announced Tuesday 27th October.....


The date for Strawbs which was 30.4.16 has been bought forward to Friday 22nd April 2016 due to a US tour period being changed. Tickets bought for the original gig will be valid for the new date.....


Due to circumstances beyond our control, I'm afraid the Babajack gig which was due to take place at the Flowerpot, Derby tomorrow night 8.10.15 has been cancelled. Refunds can be obtained from the place of purchase. Online purchases will be automatically credited. Our sincere apologies go out those who were looking forward to this gig and for any inconvenience caused....


Nimmo Brothers ticket update for the Flowerpot, Derby gig on Saturday 17th October. There are now only 20 tickets left for this gig. 10 are on sale at the Flowerpot. The other 10 are now on sale at SEE Tickets... Click HERE These are the LAST remaining tickets we have for this unmissable show. When they are gone, they are ALL gone so don't miss out!!....


Confirmation that Ben Miles will be supporting Danny Bryant at The Flowerpot, Derby this Thursday night 1st October. Doors are 8pm and he will be on stage at 8.30. Check out the Ben Mills Facebook page HERE....


Stage Times for Lil Jimmy Reed Band 24.9.15: Doors are 8pm, Lil Jimmy Reed Band 9.00pm (No Support)....


Really sad to hear of the passing of Brian Burns. Last saw him at the Linton Festival this year and he was as cheery and talkative as ever... He was a genuine lover of live music and all round top bloke. He regularly supported live music at The Flowerpot and other venues/festivals. Always had a smile on his face and we always had a musical/football chat when our paths crossed. Our hearts go out to his family and closest friends. He will be sorely missed. Rest In Peace Brian. Alan + Lisa xx....


The New Flowerpot Booklet is out next week and online as of now. You can check out the online booklet by clicking HERE....


We are excited to announce that the Bernie Marsden Band are now confirmed to play the Flowerpot on Friday 18th September 2015. This replaces the previously advertised Pretty Things gig which has now been postponed until Friday 29th January 2016....


The Pretty Things gig at the Flowerpot, Derby on Friday 18th September 2015 has had to be postponed due to the band having to fulfil a TV commitment on that date. The email from the band's management is below. The new date for the show is FRIDAY 29th JANUARY 2016. All tickets purchased for the original date will of course be valid for the January date.
The email from the band reads "I'm sorry to say that I have some bad news... Our new record company PR has booked the band to appear on a huge TV special in Germany on the same day as the Flowerpot show. It's the 50th Anniversary of "Beat Club" and streams live on show day, with a prime-time terrestrial TV broadcast a few days later on Friday the 25th. It would seem that we have been confirmed for it for a long while and we can't afford to knock it back now, as the TV schedules are set. I'm really sorry - not our style, but it's kinda happened to us..."


We are just getting word that the Strawbs have had to postpone their forthcoming tour including the 17th July gig at the Flowerpot, Derby. An email from their agent reads.....
"I regret that due to a serious fall that has affected Dave Cousin's head and kidney resulting in a serious life threatening operation in hospital the forthcoming "Plugged Unplugged" shows will have to be postponed. Due to availability etc the earliest period that the shows can be moved to is the end of April 2016 – due to the uniqueness of the show it is felt that they should be rebooked as opposed to being simply cancelled as the tour will not be repeated.
I am sure this will come as a big disappointment to a lot of people but I am sure that under the circumstances everyone will understand the gravity of what Dave Cousins has been through and the decision to postpone. Once again – many apologies."
We will try and re-arrange this gig for next April 2016 so tickets already bought will still be valid. As soon as we have any more information we will let you know....


The Babajack date originally advertised as 22.10.15 has now moved to 8.10.15....


Confirmation that Rita Payne will be supporting John Otway at The Flowerpot, Derby this Friday night 22nd May. Doors are 8pm and they will be on stage at 8.45. A superb act in their own right make this an unmissable night you will not want to miss. Check out the Rita Payne website HERE....


Stage Times for Dana Fuchs Band 16.5.15: Doors are 8pm, Harriet 8.45pm, Dana Fuchs 9.35pm....


**IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT** It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we have to announce the passing of Raggie James. Raggie is the lead singer for Box O Snakes and many of you will remember him for his outstanding peformances with Rainbow Rising. We first booked Rainbow Rising at the Flowerpot Derby 15 years ago. Not only was Raggie one of the best vocalists, front man and performer he was a very special human being. He will be genuinley missed and we pass on our condolances, love and thoughts to his family and close friends.

Box O Snakes were due to play THE FLOWERPOT DERBY on Friday 27th March as a double header with Ultimate Thunder. Ultimate Thunder will now play a full set and the whole night will be dedicated to the memory of Raggie.....


PLEASE NOTE, EARLY START TONIGHT: Mike Peters will be doing 2 sets tonight at the Flowerpot Derby. Doors are 8pm, First set 8.45-9.15, Second set 9.30-11.15.......


Europe's best tribute to Kings Of Leon... "Kings Ov Leon" play the Flowerpot 27.2.15. 'Kings Ov Leon' have been rocking out the most prestigious theatres, festivals and music venues since the start of 2009 with their undeniably breathtaking show! __ The scale, energy and charisma of their performances leaving audiences across Europe sure they've seen the Kings Of Leon themselves! The Kings Ov Leon take you on an absolutely epic, exhilarating journey playing your favourite KOL tracks from the first release "The Holy Roller Novocaine" through to the incredible number one album "Come Around Sundown", all with unprecedented accuracy __ It's this meticulous attention to detail; visually and audibly, that's earned them rave reviews from press, critics and audiences alike. Hearing really is believing! But the uncanny resemblance doesn't end there! Like the Followills there's brotherly chemistry between lead guitarist Mark Eyden (Matthew Followill) and Dan Eyden (Jared Followill), the unmistakeable voice of Caleb bellowing eerily from Liam Coffey and the juxtaposed pounding rhythm and sweet harmonies of the bands 'Nathan', Ant Wheeler. All the guys have their own long history of professional success. In 1999, as a young teenager, Mark was signed to record label giants Polydor after winning BBC1s 'Get Your Act Together' in the band 'Marlo' with what was the biggest ever national phone vote. He went on to tour extensively including a performance in front of 50,000 fans at 'Party in the Park' and had a charting single release. Ant drummed professionally for numerous bands including the Towers of London and Wilkento. Dan, the youngest of the band at 21, fronted 'Perfect Confusion' and is a prolific song writer in his own right. Liam is the most recent to join the band. He has a long history of live performance in both original and covers bands including the epic 'No Quarter'. He's completed the line up and brought along with him a truly charismatic and authentic edge! The Kings Ov Leon's dogged determination to push the boundaries of what you'd expect of a tribute band sees them return to venues time after time. They've played literally hundreds of gigs and been championed by Signal Radio, XFM, The Stage and even the Kings Of Leon! Notable venues include Tribfest - Europe's biggest tribute festival, Marvellous Festival, a huge O2 Academy headline tour and the Ministry of Sound. The Kings Ov Leon carry a full professional PA system and lighting rig. Naturally all the guitars, drums, cymbals, amps and pedals are identical to their counterparts! How close can a tribute band get? The name says it all!

"Kings Ov Leon" replace the previously advertised band "Kings Of Lyon". The "Kings Of Lyon" Tickets are valid for this gig......


The Cregan & Co gig at the Flowerpot Derby on Friday 13th March has been postponed until Friday 9th October 2015. All tickets already bought for the March gig will be valid for the new date. The postponement is unfortunately due to Jim Cregan having treatment for Prostate Cancer. We and I'm sure everybody else wish Jim all the best and a speedy and full recovery. Here's a very open and honest letter written by Jim outlining his treatment...

18th February 2015
"We've found cancer in your prostate" And with those seven words a whole new world opened up.
Like a lot of guys, my life is paved with good intentions. My dear friend Ian Wallace, who played drums for so many famous names (Bob Dylan, Don Henley, etc.) said to us all before he died, "Get checked out, before it's too late". And of course, true to form, I did absolutely nothing. I used to work on the principle that if I had a few stiff drinks each day, germs couldn't live in my body. Fast forward to last year when another old pal, drummer Kenney Jones (The Faces, The Who) asked me join him in a Charity Event called "Rock N Horsepower" benefiting Prostate Cancer UK. Of course I said Yes and then I realised Kenney was in treatment at the time for the disease. Happily he is recovering very well. But did I get checked? … not likely.
Have you heard that thing about if two or more people tell you something, you should pay attention? Well, with me it obviously takes three at least. Then Gloria Hunniford asked me to put a band together for a Cancer Charity (déjà vu?) in memory of her daughter Caron Keating. Caron was another pal who died far too young. At this event, Jeffrey Archer was the celebrity auctioneer. As part of his introduction he told all the men over 50 in the room (and that was many of us) to stop messing around and get checked. He told us he was a prostate cancer survivor and didn't we know there are often no symptoms? Suddenly the penny dropped. Oh No, this could be me. So here we are. As of today I'm waiting for the final results of an MRI which will tell the doctors how to treat it. How do I feel? Confused, worried, hopeful, and more in touch with what matters than a few weeks ago. The outpouring of love and kindness from so many people is an eye opener. It's a time when you'll find out who are your real friends…
I'm sorry that we've had to postpone all the Cregan & Co. gigs for March while this is going on. Soon I'll start treatment which I'm hopeful will lead to a full recovery and I'll be back doing what I enjoy most, performing with this great band in May and on tour in October. And I'll certainly be there at this year's Hurtwood Park Polo Club Charity gig. It's on Saturday 13th June, in aid of Prostate Cancer UK with Kenney Jones and a host of stars, but this year it will have even more significance for me.
Meanwhile guys…get the blood test. It's that easy!
All the best, Jim


The Blair Dunlop band at the Flowerpot Derby 12.12.15 is a slightly earlier start. Doors are 8pm and their first set will start at 9pm......


Stage Times for Hi-On Maiden & Sack Sabbath 24.1.15: Doors are 8pm, Hi-On Maiden 8.45pm, Sack Sabbath 10.00pm.....


Europe's biggest tribute to Ska legends Madness "One Step Behind" play the Flowerpot on Saturday 31st January 2015. One Step Behind is the UK's Premier and longest surviving MADNESS tribute band. Formed in spring 1993, the band achieved widespread recognition in an unusually short time, playing venues the length and breath of Britain including the Marquee Club in London & the Venue in New Cross. Jaunts into Europe and beyond are also common place. Members of Madness have joined the One Step boys on stage on a number of occasions. Sax player Lee Thompson has played a few times commenting the band were "Tight as a ducks arse" and "Brilliant". Lee is also quoted as saying that OSB were "single handily keeping the good ship Madness afloat". Drummer Dan "Woody" Woodgate joined the band on stage for "One Step Beyond" and told the boys he thought they were amazing. "That's exactly what we used to be like - you've got it to a tee!" he said. Fine praise indeed! And he could not believe the keyboard playing used no overdubs and was all being played live! Perhaps the greatest tribute came from Suggs himself. At a gig at G-MEX in Manchester walked up to the microphone and said "By the way, we're MADNESS not One Step Behind!!" The subsequent review in the Melody Maker bared the headline "One Step Behind". Fine praise indeed!..........

One Step Behind has also appeared on television a number of times. Singer Ian Soulsby made an appearance on "Stars In Their Eyes" in the 1990s while the whole band appeared on children's Saturday morning show SMTV (with Ant & Dec!) in 1998 performing their version of "Driving In My Car". OSB also featured on the "Tribute Band Night" programme, filmed in Rotterdam and broadcast on Dutch TV in 2004 (see video clip). OSB's most recent TV appearance was at the 2006 Proms party in Hyde Park, London. The band performed to around 50,000 people and a television audience in the millions!

Each member of One Step Behind grew up as a Madness fan and perfecting his portrayal of his original Madness counterpart has been a labour of love. They strive to match every detail of the original, both musically and in appearance. Like Madness, One Step Behind is well known for their on-stage antics with which they build up an authentic 'Nutty' atmosphere. This is One Step Behind's philosophy - to carry forward the mad mantle into the 21st Century and beyond.

"One Step Behind" replace the previously advertised band "Ultimate Madness" who have now disbanded. The "Ultimate Madness" Tickets are valid for this gig......


Alan & Lisa from Rawpromo would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year!! Many thanks for supporting the gigs throughout 2014. There have been some fantastic gigs and we've had the pleasure of meeting and greeting some great people. For that we'd like thank all the bands we've booked and also all the people who have come to the gigs, supporting live music. 2015 will be our 20th year of putting on live music at the Flowerpot, Derby and we very much look forward to seeing all you good people in the very near future..........


We are pleased to confirm a date at the Flowerpot, Derby for the legendary Jefferson Starship on 28th January 2015. Tickets are on sale at all the on-line oulets. They will go on sale at the Flowerpot from 17th December.....


Popa Chubby has cancelled his European tour in 2015 so his date at the Flowerpot on 26th February 2015 will no longer be taking place.......


Ian Siegal will be starting at 9pm on Thursday 27th November at the Flowerpot. He will be joined by Jimbo Mathus throughout 2 sets. Doors are 8pm as usual.........


The "A Celebration Of The Music Of Walter Trout" tour has been cancelled which means our date at the Flowerpot on Tuesday 2nd December will no longer be taking place. The reason for the tour being cancelled is unfortunately due to the poor advance sales...


Stage times tonight at the Flowerpot Derby tonight. Doors are 8pm, Samantha Fish 9pm, Mike Zito 10.00pm. Tickets at £15 are available to buy on the door....


ALI CLINTON is confirmed as support to Stevie Nimmo Trio at the Flowerpot 22.11.14. Doors are 8pm. Ali Clinton will be on stage at 8.45. This follows the cancellation of Philip Sayce's European tour last month.........


OK.... it appears that (via Facebook) Philip Sayce has suddenly cancelled his European tour in November. I have no more information as to why this has happened except that his "new management" now have different plans for him. Suffice to say that we still have the equally brilliant Stevie Nimmo Trio playing on the 22nd November at the Flowerpot Derby that very night. If you require a refund please contact the place of purchase. Credit Card buyers will automatically be offered a refund. The show will then be re-set on the credit card sellers sites for the Stevie Nimmo Trio as the price is now £12 a ticket (not £15). Sorry for messing you good people around re this, completely out of our hands. If this has messed you about can I suggest you contact Philip Sayce directly via facebook. Hopefully he can pass your message on to his far more important management team......


DAVE ONIONS is confirmed as support to Albert Lee at the Flowerpot tonight. Doors are 8pm. Dave Onions will be on stage at 8.45. Albert Lee on stage at 9.30pm.........


The Smyths are back at the Flowerpot Derby next week for a TWO night residency. Friday 17th October has just about sold out (8 left at the Flowerpot as of yesterday). There are still tickets available for their Thursday night gig which will include "The Smiths" & "The Queen Is Dead" in their entirety along with a selection of their greatest hits. Check out the "Tickets" tab at the top of this page which will show you all the online ticket outlets. They are also available from the Flowerpot to buy over the bar.........


John Illsley will be starting at 9pm on Saturday 27th September at the Flowerpot. He will be performing two long sets hence the earlier start. Expect to hear Dire Straits classics along side new material from his latest album. Doors are 8pm as usual.........


Rock Double Bill Tonight at the Flowerpot Derby. Doors are 8pm, Box'O'Snakes 9pm, Pure Purple 10.20pm. Tickets at £10 are available to buy on the door. This is gonna raaaaaawk!!...


Pleased to announce that the Beat Cancer gig in July 2014 raised a total of £600. Thanks to everybody for making the event a success. Big thanks to Lil Jim for the hard work and awesome gig. Looking forward to Beat Cancer 2015...


Tickets are on sale at the Flowerpot Derby for all the gigs in what is looking like a exciting, packed and varied programme. Really looking forward to the gigs which start back on Friday 29th August with the Sex Pistols Experience...


Kevin Archer replaces the Treacle City Trio Acoustic for the Wednesday Session on 23.7.14 who have had to cancel due to vocalist Alan Squires having a bad throat infection. We of course wish Alan a speedy recovery and we'll be having them back in 2015...


There is a 2 week break after Too Rex tonight. Due to World Cup matches, there are no Rawpromo gigs next weekend at the Flowerpot, back on 11th July with The Jam'd...


Stray stage times for the Flowerpot gig 27.6.14
Doors 8pm, Motherlode 8.45 - 9.20, Stray 9.40 - finish...


Tickets for the Kings Of Lyon and Panic Room gigs this weekend at the Flowerpot, Derby are on sale at the venue and also on the door, on the night. All online tickets have now been taken off sale...


Ohasis stage times for the Flowerpot gig 14.6.14
Doors 8pm, Ohasis 8.45 - 10.30, England match on the big screen live 11pm...


Due to Gwyn Ashton's tour of Brazil being extended, his Acoustic Wednesday date which was scheduled for August 6th has been moved to Wednesday 15th October...


Advance tickets for our fantastic autumn series of gigs at the Flowerpot, Derby are now available to buy from the venue. Cash only folks...


Unfortunately Geoff Achison has had to cancel the European leg of his 2014 tour which includes his show at the Flowerpot on Thursday 23rd October. The show has been replaced by the Billy Walton Band who will be on tour to promote their brand new studio album.


Ian Luther will be supporting Stan Webb at the Flowerpot, Derby this Saturday. Doors are 8pm. Ian Luther 8.45. Stan Webb 9.35.


Start times for tonight's Mike Peters Show at the Flowerpot....

Doors 8pm
Matt Peach - 8.20 – 8.45
Mike Peters 1st set - 9 – 10
Mike Peters 2nd set - 10.15 – 11.30


Laine Hines will be supporting Sons Of Cream at the Flowerpot, Derby tonight. Doors are 8pm. Laine Hines 8.45. Sons Of Cream 9.35. Here's some info on Laine....

Laine Hines is from Boston Massachusetts. Son of Denny Laine (wings/moody blues). Laine has been playing authentic pre WWII blues for number of years now on the London acoustic blues scene. Mainly a solo artist but has appeared on a number of albums including collaborations with Phill Thorn and Marcia Mellow and sings in the band "The Beano Blues Breakers". Although Laine is ultimately dedicated to being true to early blues forms he occasionally brings it up to date with a modern twist on old themes.


As of today you can book accomodation at the Flowerpot, Derby. There are 7 en-suite rooms available, furnished to a very high standard. There is wi fi in all the rooms along with flat screen TV. To make a reservation, you need to phone 07707 312095. This number is specifically for making a room booking and will not get you through to the Flowerpot venue/pub. Please mention "RAW Promo" when you make the reservation. More info and photos etc will be put on our website in due course on the "Flowerpot" tab. So come and see a gig and take away the problem of getting home afterwards. You can stay at the venue in very comfortable surroundings and a comfy bed without leaving the building....


Rita Payne will be supporting Babajack at the Flowerpot, Derby tonight. Doors are 8pm. Rita Payne 8.45. Babajack 9.30


Yesterday we received some important information regarding the up coming Sons Of Cream gig at the Flowerpot, Derby on Saturday 22nd February. Due to a US immigration problem with Kofi Baker arising, he will not be able to perform on the tour with SOC including of course the Flowerpot date. The gig will still go ahead though with the original line up of Malcolm Bruce and Will Johns plus Chris Page who will now be playing drums. It will still be an awesome show playing the best of Cream. If you do require a refund though they are available at the place of purchase but please be assured, this gig is most definately still ON. Here is the press release from the band's management in full....

Having recently taken over the management for Sons of Creams, we would like to issue the following statement: "After an extremely successful UK tour in Spring 2013 Sons of Cream start their 2014 tour on the 7th February at The Met in Bury continuing through until the 23rd February when they complete this tour at The Town Hall in Selby. Due to unforeseen circumstances a complication has arisen with US immigration with regards Kofi Baker travelling to the UK. Therefore, he is replaced for this tour by drummer Chris Page who, alongside Malcolm Bruce (bass, vocals) and Will Johns (guitar, vocals) completes the line-up." Chris has a great pedigree, session drummer, and is a more than capable replacement, and has worked with the likes of Andy Fraser, Robbie McIntosh, and Big Bill Morganfield. This information will be posted on ALL relevant websites and social media pages forthwith. Adrian Collis.


Happy New Year to you all!!!!!!!!!! 2013 was a particularly busy year for us but easily one of our most exciting and enjoyable I can remember. With that in mind, heart felt thanks go to all the talented and wonderful musicians that played their hearts out over the year. Never ceases to amaze me how powerful, emotive and exciting live music is and all the bands over 2013 have proved this. Thanks and gratitude go to everybody at the Flowerpot Derby. A great venue needs a great team and the Flowerpot has this. Thanks go to Sid for his consistancy, skill and proffesionalism in keeping the sound spot on throughout the year. And of course...... our heartfelt and sincere thanks to all of you who have supported the gigs. I know it's a cliche but trust me, it just wouldn't be half as much fun without you wonderful people who support live music. Bit of a break in proceedings now until we return on Friday 17th January with Ron Sayer and the start of another year long journey of live music. As always it will be great to share the journey with you all again.


Feel as though I must say a few words about my friend John Shaw who died 2 days ago. I know a lot of people know John but probably like me have only just found out about this tragic news. Over the years, John has been recognised as a top class broadcaster who has covered his beloved cricket to a particularly high standard. But I'm sure that most local musicians in the Midlands, myself included, will remember John as a very enthusiastic follower of music and an extremely knowledgeable person in this field as well. He inspired and always took an active roll in local musicians and his highly respected opinion on things was always sought. His music shows on local radio became iconic with thoughtful choice of music, fascinating insights and a genuine love of what he was doing. This brings me to John Shaw, the person. Always a thoughtful, respectful generous and very kind person to be with. A lot of personal memories will stay with me but his memory in the public eye will I hope last forever.. Will be missed by all who knew him and with a heavy heart we say goodbye and thanks for everything. Alan & Lisa, Rawpromo xx


Just a reminder that next Saturday 30.11.13 we have the utterly brilliant Skinny Molly playing the Flowerpot Derby. If that isn't enough excitement, I'm reliably informed that it's also Mike Estes's birthday and it's the last date of their European tour, hence an end of tour party/birthday party. Well I'm def going to be there for this one!!


We are extremely proud to announce that Skinny Molly are now confirmed for 30.11.13 at the Flowerpot following the cancellation by Ducks Deluxe.


For reasons beyond our control, Ducks Deluxe have cancelled their November tour which included the Flowerpot on the 30th. Refunds are available from the place of purchase. Credit Card sales will automatically be credited by the company you bought the ticket off. No need to contact these. If you sent a cheque, could you please phone us on 01332 834438 and we will refund you via a cheque. We will be trying to find a replacement over the next couple of days and announce this asap.


Planet rock have incorrectly announced today that Walter Trout had cancelled his tour. So just to confirm, Walter's gig at the Assembly Rooms, Derby on Sunday 3rd November is most definately ON. Doors are 7.30pm and we have the brilliant Billy Walton Band on at 8pm. A night of pure quality!!


Well now...... We have been extremely excited to announce the awesome Norman Watt-Roy to the Flowerpot Derby with his new band. A regular at the venue over the years, it was always going to be a TOP gig. It has now been announced that the legendary Wilko Johnson will be playing 4 songs with Norman on his forthcoming tour. It's all going to happen at the Flowerpot on Thursday 7th November. Tickets are selling well for this gig. Could I suggest you get a ticket if you haven't already as quickly as possible. It's gonna be a special one. Click HERE for all the info on how to get those special tickets


The online sales for Fred Zeppelin (18.10.13) and Rainbow Rising (19.10.13) have now been taken off sale a week earlier. Tickets are on sale for these 2 gigs at the Flowerpot and also on the door on the night of the gigs. There won't be a problem getting the tickets on the night of the gig or as said they are available to buy at the Flowerpot. Please don't send cheques for these two gigs as they can't be processed in time. Online sales for all of our other gigs are not affected.


Royal Southern Brotherhood support Samantha Fish is now confirmed for a show with her own band in 2014 on Saturday 1st February. This was originally booked for 8th Feb but has now been moved forward a week.


RAW PROMOTIONS are proud to present a band who are perhaps the hottest band currently on the blues circuit and this will be only their second visit to the UK. Appearing at the Flowerpot on Friday 27th September, this is a true all American blues Supergroup................ ROYAL SOUTHERN BROTHERHOOD.

Mike Zito, Devon Allman, Cyril Neville ~ The soul of the south. Amplified soul for the new generation

Before they even hit a chord, The Royal Southern Brotherhood have your attention. In the US South, where music is religion, two rock ‘n’ roll bloodlines tower above all others. In the saloon bars from Mississippi to Maryland, mere mention of the Allman and Neville Brothers casts a magic spell. Conversation falls silent. Pool balls stop rolling. Ten-gallon hats are tipped in respect and beer-bottles raised in salute. These aren’t just bands, they’re gods, and with a lineup comprising both the iconic Cyril Neville and Devon Allman, The Royal Southern Brotherhood come pre-loaded with expectations. Don’t worry: they can match them. The family tree might be auspicious, but this new band trades on talent, not genealogy. It’s not about rock history: it’s about the here-and-now.

This lineup has talent to burn. You’ll already know Cyril Neville: poet, philosopher, percussion master and perhaps the South’ last great soul singer. Devon Allman. As the son of Gregg Allman, the 39-year-old has rock ‘n’ roll in his DNA, but he’s always walked his own path. Mike Zito: the blues ace whose ear for melody provides the counterpoint to his wingman’s rocking tendencies. Nominated in 2011 for the Blues Music Foundation’s ‘Best Blues Rock’ award, and winner of 2010's Blues Music Award. Bassist Charlie Wooten and drummer Yonrico Scott: both heavyweight names in their own right, with Charlie’s bass chops celebrated on the Southern jam scene for his sets with the Woods Brothers, and Yonrico hitting the skins for luminaries including the Derek Trucks Band, Gregg Allman and the Allman Brothers themselves.

They said that rock ‘n’ roll was dead, but they were wrong. Right now, in 2012, there’s something in the air, as The Royal Southern Brotherhood drag their thrilling new brand of blues-rock and white-hot musicianship from the Southern States onto the world stage. The South is rising again. Come along for the ride.

Support: Samantha Fish

Samantha Fish is a young up and coming blues guitarist/vocalist out of Kansas City. After the debut of her solo album, Runaway, Samantha continually displays her expertise of the blues with an array of styles and sounds from breakneck boogie vibes to sultry late-night 70s jazz and rock.


Anti Pasti's Kev Nixon and Martin Roper will feature on the Ian Skye (BBC Radio Derby) show this coming Saturday morning (14th Sept) between 10.30 and midday. This is prior to the much anticipated performance at the Derby Assembly Rooms that very evening. Tickets are selling very well for this and it's advised that you buy tickets in advance if you are planning on going. Doors are 7pm with the first band, Southside Rebellion, on stage at 8pm. The Reverends hit the stage at 8.45pm followed by Anti Pasti at 9.30pm.


Kev Nixon and Martin Roper from Anti-Pasti will be on BBC Radio Derby on Wednesday 4th Sept on the Andy Potter show at 1pm discussing all things Punk!! Check it out at 104.5 FM or online at This is prior to their show at the Assembly Rooms Derby on Saturday 14th September. Check the gig guide for info and tickets.


A late addition to the gigs, The Wholigans confirm a date at the Pot on 5th September prior to their 3 night stint at the 2013 Who Convention in London over the following weekend. Always a pleasure to welcome these guys from the US of A. It's a late addition but enough time for all you Who fans to spread the word


The new Flowerpot booklet with full gig guide is now online on our gig guide page. The booklet should be available at the usual outlets from around mid August. Also, if you are on the postal mailing list, you will have a copy sent directly to you just before they are distributed to the venues, shops etc. Very pleased with the autumn line up as well!! A varied and exciting full season of live music to look forward to you. Bring it on...


Absolutely superb gig at the Flowerpot Derby last night with Too-Rex. They played a blinder of a set and the crowd lapped it up. Great stuff!! Big thanks also to Jay on the sound desk who stepped in with Sid being at his daughter's wedding. Did an absolutely brilliant and professional job.


Check out the gig guide for up to date confirmed gigs this autumn. It's looking very exciting indeed with many top names coming for the first time as well as returning star names as well.


Hazel O'Connor is back at the Flowerpot with a full band on October 31st as part of her "Breaking Glass Live" tour of the UK. Hazel has played the Flowerpot twice before in mostly acoustic line ups but this will be the first time we get to see the powerful 7 piece band line up at the venue.

The autumn series of gigs is really begining to take shape with some great names appearing for the first time confirmed already. All will be revealed in the course of time but we will endeavour to keep the gig list up to date as the gigs get confirmed.


Saturday 13th April and we have the amazing Floyd Effect playing the 67 - 72 Psychedelic Pink Floyd era live on stage at the Flowerpot Derby. Please, please, please be aware that you will not be hearing "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", "Brick In The Wall", "Comfortably Numb" etc etc. This is a tribute to the early Syd Barrett era and bloomin' good it is too!!

Psychedelic Floyd..... What are you going to hear/see I hear you ask.... With tracks from A Saucerful Of Secrets, Pipers at The Gates Of Dawn, More, Ummagumma, Atom Heart Mother, Obscured By Clouds and Meddle. With a retro UFO Club style lightshow to suit. If you like the early pre Dark Side psychedelic Pink Floyd or in fact want to see the inspiration for the later Floyd sound, this show is a must see.


Tonight's Simon McBride gig at the Flowerpot Derby is still ON folks. The snow is easing off and the main roads around Derby appear to be running ok. We will check on the weather situation again in a couple of hours and post any more updates right here. The gig though at this moment will go ahead.


It's St Patrick's weekend coming up and we have a feast of Irish related music coming up at the Flowerpot. Thursday we have the ex Mama's Boys and Celtus frontman with his own band. From Ireland we very much welcome Pat McManus. A top guitarist and champion fiddle player so expect the unexpected! Friday sees the return of Gerry McAvoy and Ted McKenna with the Band Of Friends celebrating the Irish legend that is Rory Gallagher. Saturday night sees Flowerpot faves Limehouse Lizzy hit the stage performing the best of Irish rockers Thin Lizzy and the legendary Phil Lynott. A true celebration of Irish music and it's musical legacy.


The Los Pacaminos gig we had scheduled for Sat 8th June 2013 has unfortunately been postponed. Paul Young is an extremely busy performer still and has commitments on that date which unfortunately were over looked. Apologies for this but we will get another date in and announced as soon as possible. In the meantime we will confirm another band for this date and announce it asap.


The brand new 2013 Spring booklet is now available at the usual outlets. The gigs are already in full flow with some outstanding 2013 gigs already!! The new guide takes you all the way to the end of July this year. Plenty of new faces to look forward to as well as Flowerpot faves. All in all the Spring season has taken shape and looks an interesting and varied journey for us all to look forward to.


I'm sure many of you will have been made aware of the announcement made last week regarding Wilko Johnson. The official statement released on Wilko’s Facebook page said that he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer of the pancreas and had chosen not to undergo chemotherapy. It went on to say that Wilko was to undergo 4 final UK shows in March. Says Wilko’s manager, Robert Hoy, “The four UK dates represent an opportunity for Wilko to express his sincere thanks to his fans for all the support he has had over his long career.” It is of course an extremely sad and distressing time for his friends, family and the legions of devoted and loyal supporters/fans of this fine, charismatic and unique performer.

Both myself and Lisa are two of those said fans. We first booked Wilko at the Flowerpot on the 14th May 1998, fifteen years ago. His first appearance at the Pot was with Norman on bass and a drummer from Italy called Salvatore Ramundo. Wilko was still new to me then even though I loved Dr Feelgood (seems an odd thing to say now...). The band were brilliant but, in my opinion, got even better and punchier when Monty was enlisted as drummer. It started with Wilko's wife Irene phoning up and sorting all of his bookings. A wonderful lady who was always so nice on the phone. Irene sadly passed away in 2004 and Monty then became chief booker. Lots of conversations with Monty and some absolutely cracking gigs - what a line up!! The current line up with Dylan Howe on drums came together in May 2009. Although after the punchy style of Monty it seemed different at the start, it soon gelled superbly and has once again proved to be a first class live band. They last played to a sell out crowd at the Flowerpot on 28th December 2010. The release of "Oil City Confidential" the following year saw the band move on to bigger venues and the 2010 gig was the last time they played the Pot.

So on to these final 4 shows. We were lucky enough to buy our tickets for the March 7th gig at the Robin 2, Bilston. It's surely going to be one of the most emotive, emotional gigs ever. We'll remember all the Flowerpot gigs with deep fondness and affection. Throughout the 15 years, Wilko has constantly given us some of the finest and personal favourite musical memories. A true legend and fantastic person to have met, we feel privileged to have worked with him so many times along with his fantastic bands and his loyal "manager" and friend Bob Hoy. A very special gig to come. Wilko, we are and always will be thinking of you... Alan and Lisa xx


Well now..... It's the last RAW Promotions gig of 2012 at the Flowerpot Derby tonight and what a way to end a great year of gigs because we have the wonderful Keep It Cash live on stage. There will be a full review of the year's gigs on our website in the next week. The doors are open at 8pm for tonight's show. It's gonna be busy folks so get down early.


Hope Everybody had a great Christmas!! Got some cracking gigs coming up at the Flowerpot Derby this week. Tonight we have the awesome Rollin Stoned live on stage to kick off proceedings. This show however is now SOLD OUT!!


We are pleased to announce that "Atomic Blondie" will play the Flowerpot on Thursday 20th December. Blondied have had to cancel due to a family breavement. All tickets are valid for the Atomic Blondie show. Here's a bit about Atomic Blondie.....

The show features all the classic hits plus trademark Debbie Harry costumes, including the famous 'Bin Liner Outfit' and 'Vulture Tee' as seen in the video for Atomic. The band have studied Blondie in great detail to recreate the next best thing and make their tribute as authentic as possible. Including the hits Heart of Glass, Sunday Girl, Maria, Tide is High, Rapture, Hanging on the Telephone, Denis, Dreaming, Rip Her to Shreds, One Way or Another and many more, including recent versions from Blondie's 'Live By Request' TV Show in the USA. A combination of great experienced top-class professional musicians and a stunning experienced professional vocalist!


A really busy period of gigs coming up at the Flowerpot starting with Friday night when we welcome back The Jam'd. Saturday sees the welcome return of Aynsley Lister. Then the Christmas/New Year gigs really kick in. Advance sales are good so really looking forward to all the gigs up to the end of the year. Tickets still available for all of them at the Flowerpot and from our online sales contacts.

Don't forget we shall be hosting the now annual New Year's Eve session at the Flowerpot again this year. The past two NYE sessions have been thoroughly enjoyable with a great atmosphere, great music and lots of top quality real ales. Be good to see as many of you as possible for this. A great opportunity to catch up and reflect on what has been an exceptional year of live music again!


The awesome Mud Morganfield plays the Flowerpot Derby on Thursday 29th November and it's just been announced that he will be appearing on the Jools Holland Show on Tues 20th and Fri 23rd Nov. Don't miss him on the telly then go catch him live!! Here's the press release from his agent in full:

Mud Morganfield - Confirmed for "Later with Jools Holland" The Movinmusic Agency is pleased to announce that the Mud Morganfield (Eldest Son of Muddy Waters) Band has just been invited to play on BBC2's flagship music programme, Later with Jools Holland, to be broadcast on Tuesday the 20th at 22.00 and Friday the 23rd November at 23.50. In June Jools compared Mud's performance at the London Blues Festival at Boisdale in Canary Wharf and joined Mud and the band onstage for a fantastic rendition of his father's song: "Got My Mojo Working".


Well October has just been a massive month with 21 Rawpromo gigs in the space of 26 days. The month started with the great Ian Siegal on the 4th, and ended (well almost.... Jo Lewis on Wed night!) with the spectacular metal maestros Wolfsbane on Sunday 28th October. In between we had 2 sell out gigs, Fleetwood Bac on the 19th and the brilliant Simon and Oscar from Ocean Colour Scene on Sunday 14th . Also a serious contender for best gig of the month!! October also bought 2 of the best blues bands currently playing anywhere!! Marcus Bonfanti Band and the seriously awesome Nimmo Brothers. I thought we partied hard until the Men They Couldn't Hang hit the Flowerpot on the 5th. They sure know how to enjoy themselves and also put on a stunning live performance that was absolutely loved by the large crowd in for them. November looks like being another full on month. Bring it on....

Don't forget to sign up to our free mailing list service. You'll get an email at the start of every month outlining all the gigs coming your way. We'd hate you to miss out!!


The first of our new monthly email newsletters went out yesterday. Many thanks to all of you who submitted your email address via our link on the website. We are extremely pleased with the look of the mailshot and all the functional links from it as well. Please feel free to let us know what you think. Comments are always welcome. We would like as many as possible on our mailing list though so if you haven't already, click on the link and send us your details. It's a great way to keep you all informed of news as it happens as well as gigs coming up.

Only our second weekend of the new autumn season and it promises to be a stunner!! Tonight we have two of the best up coming UK blues artistes - Mitch Laddie Band and Laurence Jones Band. Saturday night we have the mega popular AC/DC UK. Tickets are selling well for this one so you're guaranteed a rockin' atmosphere!! See you at one our gigs real soon.


The Los Pacaminos gig on Sat 17th November has been cancelled. Drew Barfield phone today to inform us that the long standing Los Pacaminos manager/agent Dave Beal died suddenly last week. This has meant that some of the gigs planned for the autumn have had to be cancelled, including the Flowerpot date. Our condolences go out to Dave's close family and friends, and also to the Los Pacs who have known him for many years. Refunds will be issued to all people who have bought tickets for the Derby date. All credit card sales will be credited over the coming week. The band were unable to commit to another date at this stage so a replacement gig will be sorted asap.


The brand new booklet/gig guide for rawpromo gigs has been posted today. If you haven't received it in the post by the weekend and you would like to receive it in the future (or if you thought you were on the mailshot and haven't received a copy), please send your full name and postal address to The booklet will also be available to pick up from the Flowerpot tonight onwards as well as the usual outlets. Let the gigs begin....


Another high profile gig has just been confirmed for the Flowerpot Derby on Sunday 14th October. All will be revealed on Monday 6th August folks. Trust me, it's a proper good 'un!!


There's exactly five weeks to go before we start the autumn season of gigs at the Flowerpot. We kick off on Friday 31st August with an unmissable tribute to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Too Petty. Quality is assured as it features members from Fleetwood Bac and draws from a back catalogue of awesome tracks from one of the world's greatest performers and songwriters in Tom Petty. Between now and the 31st Aug we continue to put on the Acoustic Wednesday sessions which are proving very popular indeed. The new outside stage and patio along with a beautiful summer's evening allowed us to move the gig outside last Wednesday which was great. Double Cross put in a great performance. Hopefully the weather will remain kind to us and we'll be able to put a few more Wednesday night sessions outside. Carry on enjoying the summer and we'll see you back at the Pot for an exceptional season of gigs real soon.


Many thanks to all of you who are sending in your details to go on our mailing list. We aim to make this a convenient and informative service to let you know of all the gigs coming up as well as up to date news. We are currently looking in to the best way of making the email shot visually the best and should have this up and running in time for the new season which starts on Friday 30th August with Too Petty at the Flowerpot. So please keep on sending in your details if you haven't done so already and you should be receiving the first gig newsletter real soon.


Well it's been a busy few months of gigs at the Flowerpot. Lots of highlights to mention. Won't go into them all individually but a massive thanks goes out to these awesome bands that continue to make life so interesting and fullfilling. Long may it continue! Coming towards the end of our Spring season with a batch of top notch gigs. Must quickly mention though that the autumn season looks set to be our busiest yet! So many gigs to look forward to. Check out the gig list on the website and see for yourself. Also the mailshot will be sorted in the next few weeks so please keep sending us your contact details.


The reason for The Humans gig cancellation at The Flowerpot Derby has finally been posted on their website (2 days later than they said it would but hey...) It reads

A huge apology but due to circumstance out of our control, the work permits for The Humans live dates in July cannot be processed in time. Anyone holding tickets for these three shows can obtain a refund from the point of purchase or can use them to gain access to the Birmingham Ballroom on the 31st October to see the Toyah The Changeling Resurrection II. The rescheduled live dates for The Humans will be announced this autumn and are likely to take place in spring 2013 to coincide with the release of the band's third album. Apologies for any inconvenience and we will bring you news for the re-scheduled show ASAP.

There you go then folks......


Just had a cancellation of a gig due to take place at The Flowerpot Derby on Sat 28th July. The Humans featuring Toyah have decided to cancel all their dates. OK I know there was only 3 but refunds will be organised to people who bought their tickets online straight away. If you bought tickets in person, could you claim your refund at the place of purchase. I know what you're thinking.... why have they cancelled the dates? I only wish I could tell you. The "official" explanation is visas were not issued in time for the gigs. A statement from them will be released later apparently. I'm sure it will have lots of big words and excuses in it but until then you have my ramblings only. I'm sure these will make more sense in any case!!


Absolutely thrilled to bits with our new website for Rawpromo. Taken a bit of time to get round to changing the format, but after a chat with Peter Woolley who designed the original website, he came up with this new design. We will endeavour to keep you up to date with the news, gig guide etc on a daily basis. That way you will be the FIRST to know of any new bookings, news etc. There's a lot happened at The Flowerpot over the last 12 months or so. I'll reflect on a few of the changes, past gigs etc in the coming months as well as looking forward to the rest of the gigs this year. It really is shaping up nicely with a lot of new names playing the Pot. Thanks for supporting live music! Keep on rockin' folks.


Many thanks to you good people who braved the arctic conditions on Saturday to see the awesome Skinny Molly at the Flowerpot Derby. The conditions were truly awful but those of you who managed to get to the venue were treated to a performance by a band who are clearly at the top of their game. Let's hope though that those freak conditions were just a one off for the year!!! A really great week of live music coming up starting on Wed with Clare Free, Connie Lush on Friday and ZZ Tops on Sat night. The booklet will be out this week as well (Better late than never). Keep on rockin' folks.


I'm passing on the awful news that Jackie Leven sadly passed away on Monday, 14th November, at 8 o'clock in the evening. He had suffered from cancer. A larger than life character with a genuine heart of gold. I had the honour of promoting Jackie at The Flowerpot Derby on many occasions and he always put on a performance of thought provoking stories and high quality musicianship. With a heavy heart I bid him farewell. A sad loss indeed. Rest in peace my friend.


You know it's going to be a great season of gigs when you have the privilege of spending an otherwise normal, quiet Monday evening watching the exceptional Henrik Freischlader and his awesome band. First of all I have to say these guys were great to work with as well. Biggest tour bus of the year so far was unloaded quickly and with no fuss. Sound check was fun and the sound was massive. So to the gig itself. I must stress that Sid has put some new front of house speakers in and they really have made an incredible difference! Henrik and the band played some of the best sounding original blues, rock that I've heard in a long time. It all seemed effortless but it was intensly captivating at the same time. Superb musicianship throughout, but his breathtaking rendition of Roy Buchanan's "Messiah Will Come Again" made famous by the late great Gary Moore at the end of a jaw dropping hour and a half set will stay with me for a long time yet. Can't wait to see him in the UK again as soon as possible!!


As any promoter knows, you need to have good contacts in the local press. We are very lucky in Derby to have Nigel Powlson, who writes for the Derby Telegraph. Great article here about the forthcoming Beth Hart gig at The Flowerpot on 28th November -

"These things I know: 1) Ruby Union is not a mass spectator sport (evidence – England v Argentina). 2) Nobody looks better with a tattoo (evidence – Raul Meireles of Chelsea). 3) There's too much good music in the world to find time for blues (evidence – post-Thin Lizzy Gary Moore).

However, the blues gap in my musical collection doesn't stop me appreciating the fact that Derby's Flowerpot brings the finest exponents of the genre to town and that when the promoter of those gigs, Alan Woolley, recommends an artist, it's worth taking note.

So when he suggested that American singer Beth Hart's appearance at the venue in November was the possible highlight of the autumn season, I quickly got myself a copy of the soon to be released album Don't Explain. Beth joins forces with rightly acclaimed guitarist Joe Bonamassa, who Alan booked for The Flowerpot just before most people caught on to his talent. The result is a hand-picked collection of covers from soul legends like Aretha Franklin, delivered in Beth's raw blues rock way, backed by Joe. I phoned Beth in LA to ask her about the collaboration (you can read about it next month in Qt) and she modestly put luck before talent in creating such a memorable piece of work. But these songs seem ideally suited for her lived-in voice and she brings the weight of life experience (good and bad) to her vocals. Her cover of the old Etta James song I'd Rather Go Blind is now the most played track on my ipod. So I urge you to check out the album (released September 26) and the Derby gig (November 28) while I get a tattoo on my way to Twickenham."


Great start to the autumn season at the Pot. Started off with a stunning performance by the UK's best Johnny Cash tribute "Keep It Cash". Such a polished performance as usual and great guys to work with. Now well established as a firm favourite with the Flowerpot crowd. The following Friday saw the first appearance at the venue by top blues outfit 24 Pesos. What can I say apart from they blew me away! There's still a real buzz going around after their awesome performance. Packed a real punch. Can't wait to get these back. I'm sure their fan base is going to grow and grow.

Must just briefly mention our mailing list. We sent out the booklet at the start of the month as usual using the current mailing list. As this is fairly old now, we've decided to start a new mailing list to keep it up dated. Therefore if you want the booklet posting to you as soon as it is finished, simply send us an email with your address. We also plan to start a regular monthly email with details of the following month's gigs. Again just send us an email with "mailshot" as the header and we'll add you to the list. Hope all that makes sense. Looking forward now to a busy couple of weeks at the Flowerpot starting with Kings Of Lyon tonight. Bring it on!!


Well I can't believe it's been 6 whole months since I last posted on our news page!!! I must admit though it's been one hell of a year so far. A real thrill to have Wishbone Ash back at the Pot. Can't believe also we had the awesome Blockheads play. Great crowd even though it was a lazy Sunday evening. An absolute top band. A real highlight for me was Fish. Had a great chat with him in the beer garden on the afternoon of the gig. An absolute joy to work with, a top bloke and a stunning performance to a capacity crowd. Our anniversary gig in June was a huge success. Many thanks to all who played on the night, in particular to Ian Siegal who not only played superbly but entered in to the spirit of the occasion. And to top it all off, we finally got a new set of LED stage lights at the venue. They look absolutely superb. Thanks goes to Lee Raynor who fitted them for us. A job well done and the effect it has on stage is there for all to see.

Now then....... on to our autumn season of gigs which kick off in exactly 2 weeks today on Sat Sept 3rd with Keep It Cash. It's a very varied line up we have for you this autumn. Our usual mix of blues, rock and quality tribute bands. There are still a few gigs we are waiting to confirm but it's all shaping up very nicely. We have literally just confirmed THE HUMANS for Sat 8th Oct featuring TOYAH WILLCOX and Bill Rieflin from REM. This is part of only a 5 date UK tour so we feel proud and privileged to have them play the Flowerpot. Legendary rockers BLACKFOOT are playing in November. A welcome return for Chris Farlowe with the awesome Norman Beaker Band in October. Also a return to one of our most popular tribute bands Limehouse Lizzy. The list is endless so please check the gig guide which is continuously being updated as the gigs are confirmed. I will try and update this page on a more regular basis and add more of the superb photos being taken by our regulars on the gallery tab.

You may also have noticed that the Flowerpot itself is being refurbished. As well as our superb lights, the gig room has had a new lick of paint. Also the rest of Derby's premier real ale pub has had a lick of paint, new seating, posh tills etc. It all looks great with more changes in the autumn. Looking forward to the Potfest which takes place over the August Bank Holiday weekend. It's a warm up to the new season which starts the following week. Some great music on all weekend as well as loadsa beer. Also a new brewery based at the Pot will be show casing their new beer. It's all happening!!

Can't finish without a big high five for our sound engineer Sid. This year he's upgraded the monitors on the PA and is in the process of up grading the FOH speakers. It's all going to sound bigger and better. Sid works tirelessly at the gigs and all the bands seem to love him. Does a great job and is often the unsung hero of our most successful gigs. Sid'll be back on the 3rd Sept along with me (Alan) and Lisa to start another musical journey this autumn. See you all at the gigs and thanks for your help in keeping live music LIVE.


Marcus Bonfanti at the Flowerpot last Saturday was simply awesome. What a talented musician. The band backed him superbly as well. Great songs in a varied, powerful and compelling set - can't wait to see him again. Also a big up to the Flowerpot crowd in last Saturday night. It was a great atmosphere created by an enthusiastic, knowledgable and respectful audience. Great stuff!!


First of all apologies to all who turned up to the Too Rex show on 30.12.10. Unfortunately at about 9.15 we had a power failure which affected the stage electrics and the PA. After a lot of running around and huffing and puffing we had to admit defeat around 10.15 much to our and the band's disappointment. I would like to thank the band and the audience for their patience and understanding with regard to this. Doesn't happen very often but when it does is extremely frustrating. We have now informed all the online companies with regard to the matter and as promised, they will be in contact with everybody who bought a ticket using their credit card. You will be offered a full refund or a ticket for the new date which is Saturday 5th February. Anybody who did not have a refund on the night can bring the ticket along on the new date as well to gain entrance. It will be good to see you all again and finally get our Too Rex fix on the 5th Feb.

We also had our first ever New Year's Eve jam on Friday and what a night it was! Following on from the frustrations of the power failure the night before, this was the perfect pick me up. Musos came and enjoyed an enjoyable and talented mix of genres all the way from 8pm 2010 right the way through to 2am 2011. It was a truly memorable night and it created the perfect New Years atmosphere. The Flowerpot provided a curry and Lisa had made enough sarnies to feed everybody over and over and over again. A big thanks though must go to all who worked tirelessly behind the bar!. Their hard work didn't go un noticed and was appreciated by all who were there. All in all a big big success

So on to the new season. We start again on Friday 21st Jan with Lil Jim's Big Squeeze. Following this is Stray on the Saturday. We should have all the gigs sorted (hopefully) by the end of next week. We'll get the booklet out asap. In the meantime, as soon as a gig is confirmed, we'll get it on the website gig guide straight away. The tickets will go onsale online straight away as well. There's a lot of doom and gloom about with regard to 2011 in the press, on the telly etc. We'll try and ensure that your music fix will always be available at the Flowerpot to lift your spirits!! Raise your glass and let the music begin.......


First of all there's been a cancellation to the line up at the Flowerpot this weekend. The Genes-ish gig on the 4th September has had to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. It appears that the band have split up due to musical differences. We tried our best to fill the date with another band but they were all either busy or on holiday. The good news with this is that in the past couple of days we have made contact with some very good Genesis tribute bands. We shall be booking one of these for the Spring 2011 series of gigs.

Now then! On a more positive note, the new season of gigs start this Friday 3rd September with a stunner. John Otway is at the Flowerpot with Wild Willy Barrett, the first time the two of them have appeared together at the venue. Not only that but support on the night comes from the great Eddy Morton. It's a great way to start our season of gigs which, I believe, is one of our best. Lots to look forward to with the usual mix of top tribute bands and original artistes. Also, if you haven't got it already, the new booklet is out and about at the usual outlets. It's completely free and packed full of info about all of our gigs at the Flowerpot as well as gigs we are putting on at the Assembly Rooms and the Rescue Rooms. Talking of which, Robin Trower is at the Assembly Rooms on the 17th Sept - how good is that!! Not only that but we have the awesome From The Jam with the mercurial Bruce Foxton at the same venue on 14th October (My Birthday!) Just can't wait. See you all at the gigs.


First of all there's a change to the line up at the Flowerpot in a couple of weeks. The Wholigans gig on 1st May has had to be postponed due to circumstances beyond our (and their) control. It has provisionaly been re-arranged for Friday 1st October. As soon as it is confirmed we'll get the tickets on sale. All tickets sold for the May date will of course be valid for the October gig. Refunds are available at the point of purchase for those who wish to get a refund. Very pleased to say that the date will now be filled by the superb Blondie tribute band who made their first appearance at the Pot last year - BLONDIED. Tickets are priced £8 for this and are on sale now. Great to have this band back after they thrilled a pretty packed audience last December.

March has been a brilliant month for music at the venue. All the gigs have been well attended and the bands have all been superb. We had a few newbies in March and they all went down well. Started off with "Keep It Cash" on the 5th March. Again a packed house saw their first appearance at the Pot and it proved to be a massive success. A knowledgable and enthusiastic crowd created a very special atmosphere. Talking of knowledgable, we all went away from the Kast Off Kinks gig with a broader knowledge of The Kinks. A fascinating insight into the band played by original Kinks members - a real treat. As for the blues, two new names entered the Flowerpot gig history ranks. Coco Montoya showed us true class and musicianship of the highest order. Closly followed by Rob Tognoni who went away enthused by his Flowerpot experience. Almost forgot the Los Mondo Bongo gig on the 11th. An all star band playing the music of Joe Strummer was an early contender for gig of the year. Fronted by the magnificent Mike Peters it was a joyous gig from start to finish. Last but not least of the newbies, Never The Bride entertained us on 20th March. A full on rocktastic gig fronted by the equally rocktastic Nikki Lamborn. I also have to mention David Levy on bass who has to be rated as one of the coolest bassists to play the venue. One helluva gig and a rock n roll after gig party as well - nice! Big thanks must go to Connie Lush, Panic Room, Fred Zeppelin, ACDC UK and Ian Siegal who all made this March one to remember. As always to everybody who comes down to the gigs - Thank You! it just wouldn't be the same without you


Well it seems like ages since I posted any news, views etc on the web site so I thought I'd take time out to ramble on a bit. 2010 thus far has provided us with some superb gigs up to press. Opening with Paul Jones and Dave Kelly on a Wednesday night in mid January. A stunning performance by these two blues giants who captivated the audience with some expert playing and fascinating stories that warmed everybody up on a cold January night. Absolutely loved it and a great way to start the year. Great to see Tony McPhee back playing guitar after his recent illness. On the same night we had Stray with the masterful guitar playing of Del Bonham. Not only is he a truly brilliant guitarist , he's a chipper chap as well. Catch Stray live if you can because you'll see what I mean. Great to see Del at Skeg the following week which I'll come to later. Otway the following night and his faithful followers turned up in force and were in great voice. Otway himself was on fine form. A great weekend of tributes followed with Coldplace and Green-ish Day. Both drew large audiences and rave reviews. Dizzy Lizzy paid homage to the legendary Irish rockers and was followed on Saturday by one of my favourite blues guitarists Oli Brown. A truly blistering set of blues by Oli and a guest appearance by Aynsley Lister as well. Simply doesn't get much better than this.... does it? Colin Blunstone arrived on Feb 12th and a packed audience were taken through a mix of songs old and new. Great to hear solo hits along side classic Zombies hits as well. A special mention must go to guitarist Keith Airey. Spellbinding is the word that comes to mind. He's played with a vast array of performers (Tom Jones, Nik Kershaw, Then Jericho, Don Airey and The Zombies) and is obviously in demand. I can see why now! Jon Allen followed his recent solo show with a full band set. Leavon Archer played a great support slot on the night. Thursday 18th Feb and Martin Turner hit the stage. A full on Wishbone Ash set and great to see Ray Hatfield from Belper twin guitaring in the band still. Sinnerboy drew masses of praise from everybody at the gig. Barry Barnes plays with the energy and passion that Rory Gallagher himself would be proud of. Danny Bryant played last Saturday and like Oli Brown, blew me away. A great night and always a pleasure to have Danny at the venue. Always nice to catch up with Ken and Heather as well. Just want to big up Sid on the desk who consistently provides top quality sound at the venue as well. Lovely new monitors for a better stage sound as well. That's 2010 up to date. Thanks to everybody who have been supporting the gigs. Makes it all worthwhile

The gig guide is kept up to date and any changes are made as they occur. You may have noticed then that the gig on 30th April has changed. Harper were due to play but had to cancel the UK tour "Due to the sudden down turn in the US economy". Well we have managed to replace this with a stunner of a gig. Earl Thomas, a superb soulful blues vocalist is backed by the legendary Ike Turner's band, The Kings Of Rhythm. Check out the link on the gig guide for some sound clips. It's gonna be good!

I couldn't finish without a few words about the Skeggy Rock and Blues Festival 2010. It would be great to hear everybodys views on this. Could I suggest going to the guestbook and getting a thread going. It's always a contentious issue with lots of views and opinions so it would be great to hear your views. Personally I loved it this year. A different line up and a couple of corkers - Nazareth and Nine Below Zero in particular but there are plenty more highlights. Chantel McGregor was another highlight and I'm pleased to say she will be at the Flowerpot sometime this autumn. Still a few gripes though. The afternoon sessions need to be addressed I think as neither really worked for me. Sunday in particular was flat. I know the Mad, Bad and Dangerous show needed a break but it needed to be replaced with something similar to keep the interest. The amount of people playing bowls, pool and camel racing on Sunday afternoon told it's own story. Countdown to Skeggy 2011 has started already. A must on a lot of people's calender I reckon. Keep on rockin'


A change to the line up at the Flowerpot this weekend! Never The Bride have had to cancel their gig on Saturday due to Nikki having a severe ear infection. We hope to re shedule this date for early next year and of course we wish nikki a speedy recovery. I am delighted to say that we still have a band on Saturday and well........... what a band. The LARRY MILLER band will be playing on Saturday and it's £9/£8 conc to get in. A truly wonderful performer who is guaranteed to get the place rocking and plant a great big smile on everybody's face

It's been a superb autumn season at the Pot. Lots of great music and the gigs have been brilliantly supported. We had our first sell outs over the last two weeks with The Christians and The Smyths. They say things come in threes and guess what! yes you've guessed it. We have our third sell out in three weeks with the Fillers this Friday. Promises to be a good un! Suffice to say that if you don't already have a ticket you unfortunately won't get in on the night. We do however have a special gig lined up with the Fillers at the Rescue Rooms Nottingham next March. Check our gig guide for further info


The new autumn season started with an excellent performance by one of the best tribute bands that play at The Flowerpot, The Wholigans. Barry Quinn is absolutely spot on as Roger Daltrey and he led the band through a 2 hour show that satisfied and excited the army of Who followers. Also have to mention Darren Atkinson who played the Keith Moon role to perfection. A great bunch of guys who were a pleasure to work with. A great start to the gigs indeed.

A change to the autumn line up comes on October 23rd. Rocky Athas has had to cancel his show due to circumstances beyond his control. We do however have the Sean Webster Band playing on the 23rd now. Saw them last weekend at the Colne Blues Festival and for me, they were the highlight of the weekend. Great songs and gutsy guitar playing to look forward to. Great to have Sean back at the Flowerpot!


The brand new Flowerpot gig guide has been posted today to you lucky people on our mailing list. Should be with you Friday morning - I betcha can't wait! The booklet will also be available at the Flowerpot and all our other outlets by the weekend as well.


Just a quick note to say that tickets for all the gigs will be available at The Flowerpot from this Friday 31st July. They are currently on sale at our on-line outlets.


Getting close to finalising all of our autumn dates this year. One date that was in for a while has had to be put back until March 2010. This was due to the fact that his new album was late being released hence the new album tour would have been too soon. Our new date therefore for COCO MONTOYA is March 27th 2010. It will be worth waiting for. The good news is that we are now able to re-schedule the Panic Room date for 19th September. It will be great to see them back at the Flowerpot.

We've managed to secure a couple of good 'uns in the last week. One of my favourite roots/rock band The Oysterband are embarking on a UK tour in October to push their new album release. I'm pleased to say that they are playing the Flowerpot on Thursday 22nd October. Also we are pleased to announce the return of The Christians in November. Powerful soulful vocals and a whole host of hits to look forward to. Booklets nearly ready as well so if you are on our mailing list it should be arriving shortly. If not - get yourself on it asap. We'd hate you to miss out!


Still working on the gigs for the autumn season at the Flowerpot. It's looking like another fun packed season with some great gigs to look forward to. We kick off a week earlier this year with one of our favourite tribute bands - The Wholigans. Barry and the boys really do put on a stunning show. We expect this one to be close to a sell out judging by the enthusiastic audience we had for them last time in. September is also the month to enjoy some first timers at the Pot. The Blow Monkeys should need no introduction. Superb soulful sax driven band which I'm sure will help re-live those summer nights of the 80's. Don't just dwell on the obvious tunes though. Their new material has a slightly edgier soul/blues feel to it. Superb live band still and one to look forward to. The same goes for It Bites. We had them on at the Rescue Rooms last year and they blew me away. Great gig but will be much better at the Pot me thinks! On the blues side of things we have the wonderful Coco Montoya on the 19th. Made his name originally as John Mayall's main guitarist (played in the band the same time as Walter Trout) he has since released solo albums that have gone on to sell well throughout the world. Good solid blues to look forward to. Headlining at this years Colne Blues festival in August. I'll be there along with a Flowerpot possee to check him out. A quick mention of Jon Allen who plays in October. His debut release is awesome and has been played regularly on Radio 2. Bob Harris is a big fan along with Jools Holland. I think he's going to be a major star and this is a great opportunity to see him in a smaller venue (Bonamassa springs to mind. If you didn't see him at the Pot when we first told you about him......) Tickets for these gigs are on sale now. Check out our gig guide for the full listing.

I must say that the spring season went particularly well this year with lots to enjoy. Great to see the return of Paul Lamb, China Crisis and The Strawbs who hadn't been to the Pot for a while. They all went well and they should be back in 2010. Los Pacaminos was another great sell out gig fronted by Paul Young. Lovely bloke and the band put on a fun filled show. Tribute bands continue to play a huge part in our calender of events. We always look forward to our regular tribs (Fredz, Rollin Stoned, Smyths etc) but it was the last weekend which gave us 2 new potential regular tribs to the venue. First off were the Fillers who were simply brilliant. A full on show to a packed venue put a smile on everyone's face. Catch them again this November. The Small Fakers were every bit as good as I thought they would be. Great band with strong lead vocal and harmonies and a bucket load of great songs you don't hear every day. Def back this autumn - maybe around Christmas. Thanks to everyone for supporting the gigs. It's always great to see regular and new faces to the venue. Without you it just wouldn't be half as much fun.


Well our new Spring season of gigs at the Flowerpot kicked off last weekend with two great gigs. Sack Sabbath started off on Friday with a superb mix of early Sabbath. First time in at the Pot and we had a great turn out. Sure more will be seen of them. Saturday arrived and we had the re-scheduled Aynsley Lister gig from last December. What a great suprise to have a keyboard player with Aynsley for the first time. Even better when it turned out to be none other than the great Morg Morgan from Ian Parker's band. A superb gig followed with a mix of old tracks plus plenty from his great new album "Equilibrium". The sound was awesome. I'm sure this was not only down to our very own Sid on the desk, but also his brand new BIIIIIIIIIG!! mixing desk.

Sad to hear last week of the passing away of one of this country's iconic song writers John Martyn. Only 60 years old, JM died suddenly from pneumonia. We were lucky enough to have booked John 3 times in the past, including a memorable gig at the Flowerpot on a Tuesday night in 1998, two days after we'd gone down to the Royal Festival Hall in London to see him with the same band that played the Pot. Always remember John tripping on to the stage before playing a faultless 2 hour set of spell-binding JM classics. Also remember going for a kebab at the end of the night only to find the band already in there placing their orders - surreal! The best was his solo gig at the Old Vic in Nottingham. The date was 15th November 1994 and the venue was transformed for the day into a magical gig! Again remember meeting JM at the front of the venue having been dropped off by the taxi - running to the stage with him and..............on with the show straight away. Now that was rock n'roll let me tell ya! A sad loss but truly great memories.


First of all apologies for the late cancelation of the Aynsley Lister gig on Saturday 6.12.08. Aynsley did have a "late fitness test" on Saturday, still hoping to do the gig. The dreaded throat infection still had a strong hold on him though and we had to cancel. It has been re-scheduled for Saturday 31st January 2009. All tickets of course are still valid. Please contact us on 01332 834438 if you require a refund. Once again, our apologies if it messed your Saturday evening about - especially (and you know who you are!!) if you travelled a long distance.

Just to make you all aware, tickets for all of our shows over the Festive period are selling well. We feel it's one of our best Christmas line ups and it will be great to see you all at some stage. Tickets are of course available from the usual outlets. Please refer to out tickets page on the web site.


Sad to hear today of the passing away of the great Jimmy Carl Black. Jimmy has played at the Flowerpot with The Muffin Men many times and was a genuine megastar. A lovely man who always had a great story to tell. The following article appeared on Billboard today

Mothers Of Invention Drummer Jimmy Carl Black Dies November 05, 2008 - Rock and Pop By Associated Press Jimmy Carl Black, drummer, vocalist and self-anointed "Indian of the group" of Frank Zappa's The Mothers of Invention, has died at age 70. Black, a native of El Paso, Texas, died Saturday of cancer in Siegsdorf, Germany, according to Roddie Gilliard, a British musician who performed with him. Born James Inkanish Jr. on Feb. 1, 1938, Black had Cheyenne Indian ancestry through both parents. He changed his name legally to Jimmy Carl Black in 1958, adapting the name of his stepfather, Carl Black. He was playing in the Soul Giants in Los Angeles in 1964 when the group recruited Zappa. "He joined the band and three days later he took it over," Black once said. Zappa changed the group's name and, according to Black, boasted that "if you guys learn my music, I'll make you rich and famous." "He took care of half of that promise, because I'm damn sure I didn't get rich," Black recalled. He credited Zappa, who died in 1993, with introducing him to modern classical music and teaching him complex rhythms. Black appeared on Mothers albums including "Freak Out," "Cruising with Ruben and the Jets" and "Burnt Weenie Sandwich." He played trumpet as well as drumming on the 1968 album "We're Only In It for the Money," and also introduced his catchphrase: "Hi boys and girls, I'm Jimmy Carl Black, I'm the Indian of the group." Zappa disbanded the Mothers in 1969, and Black's career thereafter was not lucrative. A recent remix of some of Black's work was titled "Can I Borrow a Couple of Bucks Until the End of the Week?" The band members were shocked when Zappa fired them. "We all just got a phone call from him stating that he had decided to break up the band and your salary has ended as of last week. That is pretty cold," Black said once in an interview. Black later appeared as Lonesome Cowboy Burt in Zappa's film "200 Motels," and in 1980 he worked on five songs from Zappa's "You Are What You Is." "I had a really good time with Frank at that time and he really treated me great. I even got paid," Black said. Following the breakup of the Mothers, Black formed a band named Geronimo Black after his youngest son. The band's 1972 album was not a commercial success, and Black went to work in a doughnut shop in Anthony, Texas. In 1980, he teamed with ex-Mothers Bunk Gardner and Don Preston in The Grandmothers, a band that broke up and reformed several times over two decades. During one musical lull, Black formed a house-painting company in Austin, Texas, with Arthur Brown. They also made an album, "Brown, Black and Blue." Black moved to Italy in 1992, then to Germany in 1995, and has appeared as a singer with The Muffin Men, a Liverpool band that specialized in the music of Zappa and Captain Beefheart. Black is survived by his wife, Monika, whom he married in 1995 following the death of his second wife; three sons and three daughters. A fundraiser planned in London for Black will go ahead on Sunday, Gilliard said Wednesday

Afraid we've also got to announce the cancellation of SOASIS at The Royal on 22nd November. This is due to internal band problems and refunds are available at the place of purchase. If you bought tickets by credit card it will be automatically refunded in your account.


Well the gigs are now back in full swing and the autumn series gets off to a cracking start. Just had a great weekend with Panic Room and Stackridge, two new bands to the venue which everybody enjoyed - great stuff. Looking forward to the weekend with Pot favourites Fred Zeppelin and the inimitable Larry Miller - Can't wait!!

A change in the programme comes on 3rd October. Rainbow Rising have had to cancel their date but we are very pleased to announce the booking of PURE PURPLE on that date. A superb tribute to the mighty Deep Purple, it will be great to have them at the venue. All tickets that have been bought for Rainbow Rising are of course valid for the show. You can also get a refund at the place of purchase.


Flippin Eck!! Can't believe how long it's been since I posted news on our web site. Even more unbelievable when I think back to the superb gigs we've already had this year. Yep, I'm thinking Michael Schenker, Midge Ure, Fred Zepp, Stumble, Mike Sanchez, The Fillers to name but a few. All in all the Spring season was thoroughly enjoyable and we are all looking forward to the autumn series of gigs. With that in mind, I must let you all know that the ever popular new BOOKLET is now available at the usual outlets. Tickets for all the gigs are also on sale at the Flowerpot and on line.

I think we've got a nicely balanced series of gigs coming up with the return of all the favourites and a sprinkle of new exciting names to look forward to. None more so than the blues/soul evening we have lined up on Sat 4th October. We have the awesome Chris Farlowe for you as well as Northern Soul legend Herbie Goins, both backed by the superb Norman Beaker Band. Should be a good 'un! Must also mention one of my fave blues guitarists who plays the Pot on 29/11 for the first time, Sherman Robertson. And what about the return of festival favourites Edward II who have re-formed for one year only. Their first gig back just had to be at the Pot (good choice). Too early to mention the "C" word (Christmas if you hadn't worked it out) but the line up is second to none. Should have us all merrily singing and dancing along nicely but more about that later!

>We've also got a few gigs at a new venue in Derby called The Royal. It's a 400+ capacity venue and we hope to be doing a few more there in the coming months. The first at The Royal is Friday 24th October when we have a Classic Manchester night featuring The Clone Roses. Should be a good one. Check out the gig guide for all the dates.

It all kicks off again at The Flowerpot then on Friday September 5th with a great Eagles tribute band called Desperado. Looking forward to seeing you all again at the gigs. Let's rock....


The new booklet for the Spring season at the Pot is now out and available from the Flowerpot. It will be distributed around the usual outlets throughout this week. Have to say it's a pretty strong line up with (hopefully) something for everyone. Will be great to be back at the Pot this Friday for Joanne Shaw Taylor.

If you are planning on coming to the Limehouse Lizzy gig this Saturday, it's worth taking note that we have sold 194 tickets already. Only 56 are left to buy before the night. They are still available from SEE tickets but I'm sure that these are going to go before the night. Also Michael Schenker has now sold 162 tickets. Again it may well be worth getting tickets in advance for this one, I feel it's going to be another of those memorable nights that you'll just not want to miss.

Just got back from the Rock n Blues weekend at Butlins, Skeggy. Nice to see loads of you from the Flowerpot. Able to get rid of plenty of Pot leaflets as well as see some great bands. Highlights for me were John Otway - same set, same songs, but still soooo funny. Also Wilko Johnson was in blistering form on the Sunday afternoon. Dr Feelgood were great as usual. Have to say though that Steve Walwyn's solo on "Down By The Jetty" simply blew me away. Powerful and passionate even though it was early on Saturday afternoon, top man. Also great to see Kyla Brox who gave a stunning performance on Sunday night. Will look forward to seeing her at the Pot this coming Feb. Would be nice to see a few different names there next year me thinks. Also it would be great to get Nine Below Zero back there doing 2 sets instead of the 1 they had last year. All be it though, there's no better way to spend a weekend in January than this. Check it out for 2009 if you haven't already done so. I'll get a link up on the links page to make it easier.


Well where do I start? All the gigs over Chritmas have been stunning. All well attended and the standard of musicians on display have been simply breathtaking. It was also a real pleasure having Are You Experienced back at the Flowerpot. May well have been their best performance at the Pot enjoyed by a capacity crowd.

All that's left is to wish all of our customers, the bands, everybody at The Flowerpot, Glenn on the lights and of course Sid on the desk a very happy and healthy New Year. Alan and Lisa XX


First off, I'm afraid Deborah Bonham has had to cancel her show at the Flowerpot which was taking place tomorrow night, the 10th Nov. Both Debs and Peter have come down with the flu so get well soon. We shall be sorting out a date for the band in Spring 2008 for the Pot when I'm assured that copies of her brand new studio album will be available. The date will be posted on the gig guide as soon as we have confirmed.

The 17th November sees the return to the Flowerpot of the fantastic Ian Siegal band. He is live in session with Paul Jones on Radio 2 this monday night. Check him out. It's on between 7 - 8pm on 88 - 91khz fm. You will also (I hope) be able to buy his brand new album "Swagger" at the show next Saturday.


England in the World Cup Final !!!! Congrats must go to our rugby heroes on reaching the final again. Should be a cracker. The match will be shown live at the Flowerpot this Saturday. It is due to finish at 9.40. We have the brilliant John Otway Big Band on this Saturday. The band will be due on stage at 9.45 this weekend so you can watch us beat the South Africans, win the world cup and then watch the Otway big band all in one fantastic night out.

Have to say that the quality of live music at the Pot last weekend was awesome. Fred Zeppelin treated us to a faultless 2 hour set of classic Led Zep followed by Skinny Molly on Saturday who blew me away with their infectious Southern rock. Sweet Home Alabama was simply breathtaking! Great crowd both nights lapped it up as well - makes it all worth while. Roll on Friday!


Well we're up and running with the autumn gigs. First weekend was superb. Aynsley Lister was on great form with an up beat rock/blues set that I believe was his best yet at the Pot. Great version of "Purple Rain" which would give Prince a run for his money. Toxic Twins rocked the Saturday night with an array of Aerosmith classics. Check out Barry Martin's review on our review page.

A change for November 10th. Deft Leppard have had to cancel their show due to unforseen commitments. If you bought tickets from the venue, you can get a full refund there. On line refunds will be given automatically. We have now confirmed the wonderful DEBORAH BONHAM for Saturday 10th November. A firm favourite at the Pot and a date not to be missed. Tickets for this gig are now on sale.

Tickets for the Clone Roses gig on Friday are selling fast. Be aware of this if you are travelling a long distance to the show. It may be worth getting your ticket in advance


The new Flowerpot booklet is now out and about in various outlets. The best place to pick one up is of course from the Flowerpot where the poster board is now up to date and tickets for all the gigs are now on sale. If you are on our mailing list you should receive it through the post by the end of the week. If you are not on our mailing list and would like to be, drop us an e-mail with your name and address with the heading "mailing list" and not only will we add you to the list, we'll send a copy of the new booklet to you. A great line up for the autumn, can't wait for the gigs to start in September


Just a quick note to let you know that tickets for all the gigs this autumn will be on sale at the Flowerpot from this Thursday (the 12th July). It would have been Friday but we're superstitious. The gigs are all on sale via the credit card line.

We also now have a new review page on the site. This follows on from some excellent reviews and photos by Barry Martin.


Just finished the line up for gigs at the Flowerpot this autumn and what a great set of gigs it is!! Tickets for all the gigs should be on sale via SEE Tickets in a weeks time. Tickets should be on sale at The Flowerpot by the middle of July. Postal applications can be made now. Enjoy the summer and see you all back at the Pot in September.


Wilko and the boys put on what I thought was one of their best performances at the Pot last Friday. Always deliver a powerful and thoroughly entertaining set. Bonus on the night was the fact that the band on before them - DOSCH - were equally excellent. Dr Feelgoodesque in their delivery, they captivated a packed Flowerpot crowd. Expect to see a lot more of this excellent band.

St Patrick's night also proved to be a great gig. Great to see Thee Na Shee performing so well. A real pleasure to see our guests from Ireland perform an equally stunning support on the night.

Tickets for this Tonight's gig "Walter Trout Power Trio" have all been sold. Should be a good un!!.


WHAT A NIGHT!!!! Yes Saturday at the Flowerpot lived up to all expectations. Aynsley Lister and Ian Parker played an awesome gig to a sell out crowd. They started off together then Ian Parker played what I believe his best set yet. A lot of new tracks from his great new album mixed with some old favourites. Aynsley followed after a short break and they finished together with a blinding version of Hendrix's "Little Wing". Really was music of the highest quality and also nice to see the "sold out" sign go up for a blues gig - great stuff.

Ian Siegal has had to cancel his gig at the Pot which was scheduled for March 24th due to a double booking. We will sort out another date asap. Connie lush has just announced that their current line up is no longer together and have had to cancel their dates until the new line up is complete. Suffice to say we will have Connie back as soon as we can.

Tickets for this Thursday's gig "The Jamm" are selling fast now. They are no longer available on line via See Tickets. All remaining tickets are available at the Flowerpot.


Only a week to go before the gigs start again at the Pot. Just completed the line up and just about finished the booklet. This will be mailed out at the start of next week to everyone on our mailing list. If you aren't on the list - WHY NOT?? The booklets will appear at the venue at the end of next week prior to our first gig of the year - Springsteen Experience.

If you are going to Skeggy this weekend (and I know loads of you are!) for the Rock n Blues weekend, come up and say hello. Really looking forward to this. Last year it was excellent and this year we have the added bonus of Nine Below Zero. Might even take me bucket n spade this year!